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Question #1139420882Wednesday, 8-Feb-2006
Category: Functions Intuition Intertype Relations
What is the difference between Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Intuition as primary functions (in the way that they manifest themselves)? For example, let's take ENFP (which is my type, I think) and INFJ which is my friend's type. Can you compare and contrast the 2 forms of Intuition as primary functions? Would it be true that Extroverted Intuitives always imagine how reality could be different, and Introverted Intuitives imagine only in a "fantasy" context? I'm confused about this. Muchas gracias! -- Doug
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A1 The ENFp and INFj are mirrors, which means that they share the same two functions in their ego. So intuition is extraverted for both INFj and ENFp. -- Moderator
A2 i was under the impression that ENFP is 1. Extroverted Intuition, 2. Introverted Feeling, 3. Extroverted Thinking, and 4. Introverted Sensing. And INFJ is 1.Introverted Intuition, 2. Extroverted Feeling, 3. Introverted Thinking, and 4. Extroverted Sensing. Is this incorrect? Can you give me the order of the 4 ENFP and INFJ functions? -- doug
A3 I think the use of the word 'function' is causing a little confusion: 'The ENFp and INFj are mirrors, which means that they share the same two functions in their ego. So intuition is extraverted for both INFj and ENFp. - Moderator' In this sense it's simply a case of matching up the letters without really thinking about what they mean (e.g. INFj and INFp in this case) and according to the socionics chart for intertype relationships, if the 2nd and 3rd letters match this means a 'mirror' relationship. BUT: If we want to think about what ENFp actually means, then yes, it means 1. Extroverted Intuition, 2. Introverted Feeling, 3. Extroverted Thinking, and 4. Introverted Sensing. FINALLY: Extroverted iNtuition (Ne) is always interested by new things because they get bored VERY quickly, but when they DO actually want something they're very focused, believing it to be of profound importance, until their interest wanes and something else seems to them to be even more important. This makes Nes very keen at sniffing out new and more exciting possibilities. Introverted iNtuitives (Ni) are probably the hardest type to understand, although they might be motivated by a specific goal, they can start to make loads of 'mental connections' between what they're interested in and other seemingly unrelated objects/things as well as sharing Ne's trait for new and interesting things. On the one hand this can make them seem distant and dreamy, but on the other hand it also means they can recognise things that other more 'focused' types might not. So normally they might start being interested in something, acquire alot of information about it and anything that has a passing connection with it, get bored and start being interested in something else instead. However, since they never completely forget all this information thay they've picked up, on the one had this makes them sometimes capable of profound insight, so much so that they don't quite know how, but on the other hand this mass of unformation that they can acquire, almost subconsciously can be overwhelming and it's not uncommon for autistic people had a predominantly Ni type personality. Such as being very withdrawn, yet (in SOME cases) capable of carrying out certain tasks with an almost genial level of skill. -- Matt the Raver
A4 In response to A3: the function order for ENFp presented here (1. Extroverted Intuition, 2. Introverted Feeling, 3. Extroverted Thinking, and 4. Introverted Sensing) is the order for MBTI ENFP, not Socionics! For Socionics, one has to switch 3 and 4. -- pm (ENFp)
A5 In response to A4: Socionics modelling is non-linier therefore function order is not important! -- Admin
A6 In response to A5: It is not? Hmmm... that's interesting. If the order is not important, then why am I ENFp/IEE, and not INFj/EII? Or to put it differently: if the order of functions is not important, then the whole concept of rationality/irrationality (the j/p dimesion) in Socionics doesn't make sense. Perhaps I'm missing something that you might be able to explain? -- pm (ENFP)
A7 A4: Not only do you switch the 3rd and 4th functions... you also have to switch their I/E orientation. -- DeadRinga (some kind of NT)
A8 The easiest way to look at this is - Enfp is while INFj is . You see both types share Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Feeling its just the two functions(primary) and (creative) are reversed. INFj's first function is an Introverted function so that explains why they are more introverted. -- meatburger
A9 I read that extroverted intuition and introverted intuition get along very well. I'm ENTp and my best fren is INTj.. -- Anonymous
A10 A9: lol. you both have Extroverted Intuition. just the order differs. it is the same case of ENFP/INFJ above. INTP and ENTJ, for example have both Introverted Intuition. ENTP: 1-Extroverted Intuition 2-Introverted Thinking; INTJ: 1-Introverted Thinking 2-Extroverted Intuition. check A1 and A8 carefully. Extroverted Intuition don't get very long time with Introverted Intuition, if you ask me, this kind of intellectual relationship looks like a quick flame to me, then each one follows his path. -- Mihai, ENTP
A11 You people are moronic. It's clear that Doug was asking about MBTI. To be painfully clear, ENFp and INFp. Why is that so hard to see? -- Lord Java the 3rd
Moderator's comment
I'm watching you...
A12 As for socionics and , I can say this: I've learned a bit about by talking to my ENFj friend, and it accounts for a lot of the subtle differences between us, more so that p/j. We both studied literature, but her tastes are different to mine. She is into metaphysical, philosophical poetry, like Blake, where the real world takes a backseat to ideas about the universe. Things for her matter primarily if they exist in her head, and then physical reality comes after that. I have an interest in the descriptive, the social and the political world - so I'd rather read more realistic, satiric works. Although I don't mind a bit of philosophy, when it comes to writing, I tend more to deal with relationships. She writes free verse about philosophy, and I write rhymed and metered stuff and about love and money and death. It's not just writing. She once sat there talking about alternate universes branching off from different paths of cause and effect, and the nature of time; she can think about that stuff for hours - and I was interested, but not as interested as her. likes to look for what's new in the world and the possibilities this holds is more abstract and internal with its interest in possibilities. thinks, 'what if things were done differently? And where are things going?' and thinks 'what if everything is different to how we perceive it to be? What do we really know?' I realise maybe my example is not perfect, since ENJj has as a creative and not a primary function, my creative function is actually , so maybe that would explain my interest in relationships and emotions, over ideas. I think my makes me interested in those things, but my complements it by making me explore the possibilities of them - I explore where relationships and emotions lead. Maybe my ENFj friend explores her through - an emotional expression of metaphysical possibilities? A better example would be my INFP sister, who is , but I find it hard to describe how her works. But she seems more interested in philosophical things than me, as well. Or at least more adept at thinking about them. Haha, I sound so pretentious. -- pandapanda
A13 Thinking about it a bit more, it's noticeable in T types as well. All the INTjs I know, who are strong T, are into hard sciences because they reveal truth about the universe and could affect our lives, this is . My INTp friend is only into mathematics because it is abstract and timeless and not as utilitarian. He doesn't care about the physical world, abstract truth appeals to him - that's . Thinking about INFps are bit more, Oscar Wilde was into 'art for art's sake' and 'all art is quite useless' which sounds like and INFp thing to say - along with Shakespeare's 'the whole world's a stage'. This explains why he does not try to make his plays realistic or adhere to the classical unities. Real life and form does not matter as much as timeless ideas about the human condition. A writer with would think literature has more of a social purpose and should be more mimetic. Sorry for writing so much on this subject! -- pandapanda
A14 Ni can go anywhere. It's weird that way. -- Bob
A15 When asking this question, it could also be helpful to look at the differences between easier to understand functions. Te and Ti for instance, Fe and Fi, Se and Si. Now I mean no offense to those that know what they are talking about, so if I am wrong feel free to correct me. But as I understand it, Te is about using encapsulated logic most efficiently. As if Ti works to create logic and Te works to use it. Excuse my wanderings if they are far off, but it also seems to me that Fi works to create what is moral value and Fe works to incorporate it. I'm sure I can't be entirely correct, but it would be nice to build upon the logic of difference between the introverted and extroverted functions. I'm sure it would help greatly to understanding intuition and the operators it works by. For everything works logically, it must in order to exist in a logical world I think. So perhaps Ni creates association and Ne practices association in application. -- Lord Java the 3rd
A16 Javaman, Bob keeps getting an oops there's something wrong with database message. I haven't saved my last two attemps to discuss said function. I might try again later -- Bob
A17 @A16 Ok, thanks Bob. I might add that you come off as a little hard to understand. I have to take for granted that you're a moderator. -- Lord Java the 3rd
A18 Not sure if we can link, but wiki has a fantastic section on Socionics. You can look up each individual function (by clicking on its shape) but this one particular page abstracts them all very well into keywords: "" -- Anonymous
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