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Question #1134402751Monday, 12-Dec-2005
Category: Tests
I just did your test. I have done a lot of these, some paid, some proffessional and some just free on the net, but over many years. Until yours I had got the same results .. INTJ or ENTP .. never any other combination (maybe 10 -15 tests and its an even split) .. I can not seem to find out why .. but your test did something completely different .. You gave me ENFP .. but if yoy look at the "answers" I do answer .. I am NOT Concreate and I am NOT not-Contreate .. That is the correct answer .. As is Wavering and un-wavinging .. I am definately neither .. the list goes on I AM systematic and I AM not systematic .. but it is never inbetween .. Why is that not right? Or rather, I think the INTJ & ENTP both fit me perfectly .. but I want to know how I can be both? Not some of both, most of it fits me, even the opposites. -- Simone
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A1 Luckily we were able to retrieve the intercode of your selections so it was possible to reproduce your">$Ulufxo1gQbwPIep1oEou{}/Xxatb@2yh:otcZiu1wOgwp)EYPXUauYZNDm@oeAAJgUnbEA1Jv:">your result (to anyone who enquires about their STA result: please include the intercode of your selections with your enquiry). Because of the way the test operates and your particular result it is feasible to conclude with a high degree of confidence that your type cannot be INTj, however ENTp and ENFp are the possibilities. Of course you can be NOT concrete and NOT non-concrete. This is a neutral choice because it doesn't really tell us anything useful about your type. However STA is a free choice test and you did not have to select any of those words. Nobody forced you to choose one answer out of two: "Are you NOT concrete or NOT non-concrete?" Of course you can say "I am both" and this would be a valid response. But there was no such question. You were asked to select the words that definitely do not describe you. Word "definitely" adds power to the definition. So if you say "I am definitely NOT concrete" it is almost as saying "I am non-concrete", then adding "I am also definitely NOT non-concrete" renders both choices obsolete and shows up a conflict between these selections. Also "I am definitely wavering" and then "I am definitely unwavering" are mutually exclusive statements. It is almost as when asked "Which direction are you turning, left or right?" to answer "Both!" Is it possible? Theoretically yes. If you turn left and right at the same time you will go straight, because left and right will compensate each other and so no turn will be made. But this is not what the question is. The correct answers would be: "left", "right" or "neither" and never "both". So if you are neither wavering nor unwavering you should have not selected any of them. But because you have selected both of them you have created a conflicting selection. So maybe ENFp is the right result after all. -- Admin
A2 You have an ENFp attitude - something like "I am feeling and thinking". Ask your friends if you are generaly a warm person or cold one and you have an answer. Decide if you are an introvert or extravert. -- f.
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A3 one of my friends is a enfp and the how i figured it to be that was in how he liked to talk about gossip, small talk, and touchy feely subjects that in reality i could care less about. therefore ask your friends about this also if you would like. -- Anonymous
A4 Ending up as ENFP is quite easy to explain, for you have done many tests before, so you actually know (consciously or unconsciously), which aspect this or that question aims. For me you seem more like a P, because of spontaneity and variable behaviour. INTP is possibly an ideal prototype, someone you'd like to be (at least it was in my case) -- Ilya
A5 There is a limitation, I hesitate to call it a flaw, in the STA. The STA counts as inconsistent any instance of conflicting answers. It suffers from an inherent lack of awareness of the excluded middle. -- metroGnome, the ostensible INTj
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