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Question #1134348746Monday, 12-Dec-2005
Category: Typing Parenting
I have a 3 year old who seems to exhibit very strong personality preferences. He is a tactile learner and explores everything with his hands, adores moving to and singing along with music (he'll drop everything else and start dancing to music he is familiar with, regardless of where we are), tends to be chaotic in play and go from one activity to another randomly, has varying tastes and interests depending on his mood, is very passionate about things that do interst him (he'll run up to the screen and kiss his favorite cartoon characters), and is openly affectionate with his feelings. My question is, at what age can parents determine a child's personality type? I understand that children tend to exhibit similar behaviors at certain ages, but I curious as to whether or not there is a method of determining MBTI or Socionics types for toddlers, in order to better understand their way of relating to others and their learning styles. -- Anonymous
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A1 Before he reaches 1 month old, a toddler may exhibit behaviour opposite to his would-be personality type. After that, he will probably be greatly influced by his first function, having it take dominance over others which he will develop later. From what I see I'm guessing it's extraverted sensing. The kissing part may point towards extraverted feeling, but his chaotic play style makes him more likely to be a P. Extraverted sensates are also likely to interact with his body, such as kissing and exploring with hands. This may not be 100% accurate because toddlers are greatly influenced by their environment. I believe that interaction with other toddlers should be left to nature's course, because that's what makes every individual individual, and every child unique. -- LoveSeeker
A2 Hello. I have 4 year child witch behaves in very similiar way. He is ESTj and I am sure of this. He can scream to strangers "do not forget to close the door". He can sing all the day and he know many songs. Now he sings "we wish you a marry christmas" in 3 languages He kisses a lot of things - he just like it When he see a policeman, he screams "hands up, you are being arrested". He has something like compulsive-obsessive style - he always need to talk or to do something. He know the rules. He know that after dinner he is going to bath and then to sleep and there is no other way. -- frank
A3 Don't let A2 response make you think that your child could also be an ESTj. Quote: "...tends to be chaotic in play and go from one activity to another randomly, has varying tastes and interests depending on his mood, is very passionate about things that do interst him (he'll run up to the screen and kiss his favorite cartoon characters), and is openly affectionate with his feelings..." is indicative of xxFx or even xxFP behaviour. ESTjs are much more restrained with showing up their feelings. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A4 To A2. The pattern of behaviour described would probably be more consistent with an ESTp pattern of behaviour rather than an ESTj. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A5 Dr. Zoidberg, assuming that ESTj child can't be chaotic is wrong, because you can't expect from 3 years old child to be like an adult ESTj. Esspecialy if he has compulsive personality. Your assumptions are theoretical. If you want to test a child if he is j or p, pay attention how he process the information - is he performing action after recieving information or not? Also, small ESTj can show his feelings via . How? Just like his mother. He is observing others and says the same things: "mom, I love you so much!" It does look like Fe but think twice: This is 3 years old child! It is strong ! -- frank
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A6 To A5. What a lot of rubbish! Never, never ever, not even in a million years will have anything to do with the expression of feelings emotions or affection. This is because there are specific functions already allocated to do so such as and . Do you wear a hat on your butt? Really? Oh, sorry, no. Maybe it is because people have heads to wear hats and there is no reason to wear them on their butts unless in the future we will have to walk butts up and need to protect them from the sun and rain. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A7 I think he's an ESFp. And what does hats and butts have to do with this? -- Anonymous
A8 I think he's a little kid, and personality type is the least important thing right now -- ISTp
A9 I think there is nothing wrong with trying to know the type of a little kid. Knowing a kid's type might actually help in understanding them and making them understand things in a way they can understand. And it can help in dealing with their difficulties. But I do think, types of kids this young shouldn't be taken as concrete facts nor taken seriously. -- Anonymous
A10 I think it's great trying to get to know your kid's personality. Then you would know how to best parent them. However, I think your child is much too young to have anything psychologically set in stone. However, I was a shy child and I definitely have preferences for introversion. Definitely a Feeler too - always craving affection. -- INFj
A11 I think before one year of age, it's possible to decide on the E/I and j/p level, then gradually on the others. Depends how well you know Socionics and how much experience you have with typing. As to your child, he shows some signs of Fe (open emotionality) and S (tacitlity). It's an interesting description. He would look like an ENFj, were it not for the tactility; or like me, were it not for the open emotionality (I was everything but openly emotional as a child; and ESFp's F is just secondary and introverted). Or like an ESFj, were it not for his being chaotic. But I vote for the ESFj, after all, as I do know some ESFjs who are moody and chaotic. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A12 how can u define the individual have their own personality trait -- tyertyerteurywertygygrtrtr
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