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Question #1134198664Saturday, 10-Dec-2005
Category: Theory Statistics Love Duality
What is the statistical distribution of the 16 personality types? I have read on other personality webpages that the intuitive introverts are the most rare. I'm an INFP, and supposedly my personality type is roughly 1% of the population. What about extroverts? It seems like there is a larger percentage of extroverts, according to the other websites. If it is true that there are more extroverts than introverts, I would guess that there are a lot of problems associated with duality. In general, I know at least one ESTP for every type of organization in which I am involved; there are several who frequent my workplace. How practical is duality? I know that INFPs have problems resisting their whimsical desires and that ESTPs have a difficult time settling down, so I guess that when the time is right, everything just clicks? -- Erica Leslie
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A1 If the types are distributed evenly throughout of the population you will get 6.25% of each type, which is already quite low. Besides, what is the use of knowing the exact type distribution statistics? Lets say, ESTjs are 99.9% of the population. What are you going to do with this statistics? The real reason people are so interested in the statistical distribution is really simple. Everyone wants to see the statistics that says in big letters "YOUR TYPE IS THE LEAST COMMON!" and then in small writing "Gosh, you are so unbelievable and unique, you are the rarest and hence important, you don't need to do anything, you are the one and only." Pathetic. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A2 good answer -- Anonymous
A3 I too have read that the population consists of approximately 75% extroverts. They probably think, in big type "HEY, LOOK AT US, WE MAKE UP THE MAJORITY!" and then in even bigger print "GOSH, WE MUST BE THE BEST, THE REST OF THE WORLD IS PATHETIC BECAUSE THEY CAN'T BE LIKE US." I'm sorry, I don't mean to be snide, but the response given in (A1) I found to be hurtful and uncalled for. I see someone (A1) who feels bad about "themself" and the need to project this onto others.As an introvert, I can tell you that the last thing we want is attention drawn to us. If it does come to us, it is because of our true kindness and passion for others-not for ourselves. Erica posed some interesting points. Statistics are interesting and needed in many areas of life, in many jobs. And relationships with others bring us to lifelong interactions with all types-types we have to learn to deal with-good or bad, mean or nice-it's what makes us grow. So, I'm just an INFJ, who should have probably kept her opinion to herself here, but I truly just want everyone to get along.. -- aj
A4 I've wondered about the duality problem before, but I've realised that socionics is just theory. Duality is not a must or a need in long-term relationships. Duality just makes it all easier. Apparently ISTps are theoretically not interested in socionics, but hey I'm interested in it and I know there are many other ISTps out there interested in this too. And I get along very well with my ENFj friend. Who is, theoretically, a conflicting parter. If you've just started working you'll realise that the real world is so much different from school, and so is practice from theory. Personality type could be just the grounds you're standing on. Personality itself, is the bridge that holds the two together. My ENFj friend and I are theoretically on shaky ground, on an earthquake that constantly splits us apart. But brotherly love binds us together. I agree with the INFj, with Dr Zoidberg to some extent that many of us are self-centred, and also with the INFp above (I'm particularly interested in INFp because a particularly unreliable test typed me that once) that theoretically, the search for duality may leave many with no partner. But really, I believe everybody can get along together, whether it's with a dual or with a conflicting partner. Everybody is different and that's why the world spins. But the sun shines and the rain falls on all alike, and even the largest earthquake in any relationship can be overcome by love. It's just whether you want to or not. =) -- LoveSeeker
A5 Previous answer. "Duality is not a must or a need in long-term relationships. Duality just makes it all easier." Yeah, sure! Who wants nice and easy long-term relationship? No, really! Relationship is for suffering, right? We must suffer because we have to pay for our sins! Let's stab ourselves deep in the heart and bleed in pain because this is what life is all about, right? If you can make the life easier it must be wrong because it will put you on the path to the Dark Side of the Force! Instead, let's fool ourselves in believing that we can get along just fine with anybody and all it takes is patience and lots of love, because love is the answer to everything, right? Someone just nail me to the cross, it's Christmas!!! -- d-_-b
A6 Face it, this whole earth is full of suffering, this whole life is full of suffering. Relationships are just another part of this world, which is full of horrible things. That includes the darkness in all of us, which you have portrayed in your reply. All it really takes is a lot of patience and a lot of love, that's all it really takes. But it is hard to be patient, and it is hard to love. Even your duals. What I'm really saying here about duality, is that you do not need a dual to be your spouse. To have a dual for your mate is great, but is it practical? Is it really possible for everyone in this whole world to have a dual for his/her own mate? The relatively unreliable statistics says no. The trend in this world, of failed marriages, of divorce and grief, say no. Whatever your mind interpreted my comment on duality as, I did not mean it to be as such. I'm grieved at the fact that you have not only left bitter words without explaining your disagreement, but ridiculed and defamed my character for having beliefs which I do not particularly have. Perhaps you feel intelligent after giving such a sarcastic reply which without all the veils and smoke only reveals bitterness. Do clarify before subjecting anybody's opinions to your imagination. -- LoveSeeker
A7 Face it, the reason this whole Earth is full of suffering is because you and people like you believe that it is acceptable to suffer and therefore take it for granted. I do not know why you are so against the whole idea of Duality, but for everybody to have a Dual is actually very much possible, even mathematically probable, because one person can be Dual to several people at the same time. And poor marriage statistics does not really say anything about those people having no Duals. They may not have them as their partners but could well have some good mates which are Duals. And now to the question of LOVE. You people make me sick saying things like you have to love this and love that and everything will be fine. Is this what you call love? Have you ever even experienced genuine love at all? Well, let me tell you about love. Here are some facts: Love is like a virus, you catch it unexpectedly and you may never recover from it. You get sick, proper sick, love sick. Love is like a drug, you have all the usual mind altering or withdrawal symptoms as you would normally have from a drug. Love is like an endless firestorm inside you chest. Love makes you want to give up everything and spend the eternity with the object of your affection. Love makes you blind in a way that you are not able to objectively judge the situation or rationalise your behaviour anymore. It can go away as unexpectedly as it comes. And the most important thing – YOU CANNOT MAKE YOURSELF TO LOVE ANYONE OR ANYTHING ON DEMAND! People who say they can are liars. You can fake orgasm but you cannot fake love. You either do have chemistry between you and your object of affection or you don't. If you are in love with someone (not imaginary love like you're suggesting) then of course no Duals or non-Duals matter, but when it's gone, if it's gone, it can be pretty ugly. BTW, I did enjoy my previous reply mostly because you've understood the sarcasm in it, thanks. -- d-_-b
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A8 Duality could possibly make things easier in a romantic relationship. However, as some say-love is a choice-we can choose to love someone other than a dual. As an INFJ, I have been dating an ESTP for several years, my "conflicting" partner. The attraction was there to begin dating, which is of course necessary in the beginning. Through patience and love I have come to understand and know him-his good points and his bad. But mainly, he has brought out my awareness of my bad side, along with encouraging my good. Without this conflicting relationship, my growth and knowledge of my inner self would have been slow at coming. His spontaneous nature, has helped me loosen up. His unorganized life, has helped me be less perfect. He has taught me to "free" myself of me at times. And, I have taught him to be more organized, and to plan a little better, and to even trust love. (These changes came natural to each of us, through our continued contact).And when, and if this relationship ends, I forsee no hard feelings. Any relationship I have ever ended, has always been on good terms. I am always just so thankful for the opportunity to grow with whoever I meet in life. I look for good in people, and I do my best to help them grab onto that good. I help them see their bad side too, but only they can work on that.. Yes, with tolerance and patience I do believe we can love someone other than our dual. And to the previous poster, in your description of love, I feel so much pain for you. I feel you descripe the love of a co-dependent relationship. Love is not supposed to hurt. We can choose to love someone, but we can not make them love us back-no matter how hard we try sometimes. To love, is to accept each other for how we are-to let each be free to be who we are. If the object of our love leaves the relationship, it was meant to be. They did not love us, or no longer chose to love us. We can do nothing but accept that, though a grieving process is fine. We then can move on, to find a dual...... or not. -- aj
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