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Question #1134198568Saturday, 10-Dec-2005
Category: INFj Supernatural Intuition Dreams
I have just become interested in personality types. I always come up an INFJ-rare type from the reading I've done thus far. I was especially interested in reading about INFJs and the area of psychic phenomena. I personally have been having premonition dreams since childhood, I "know" many things before they happen. I feel the pain(physical & emotional)of others-even from a distance. Words jump out at me in print to give answers to questions...Many strange occurances over the years. These things at one time frightened me, but over time I have come to accept this, and only wonder even more about so many more possibilities.... I now heed the warnings in my dreams, and have people who trust me when I tell them to "be aware". To be able to open the mind of others to the same "possiblities" that I ponder is a real gift-but also a challange. Do other intuitive types have these types of strong intuitive abilities? Or is it found predominately in INFJ types? -- aj
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A1 I believe some INFps also have similar experiences. NTs would probably not acknowledge them or pay as much attention to premonitions/gut feelings. -- Anonymous
A2 the ability to predict future events is strongly connected to and INTps especially are really good at predicting the future. Also, types look for , which can lead to an obsession with scanning the environment for "signs." On the other hand INFjs and INTjs (as well as ENTps like Freud and even a few ENFps) can be very skilled at dream interpretation. So in conclusion I would say that other Intuitive types can experience some of the phenomena you describe, but feeling the pain of others is definitely an INFj thing, no thinking type would experience this regularly. -- man without a type
A3 the symbol at the end of that response was a typo -- man without a type
A4 I think this is definately an INFj thing. INTjs may actually have this kind of experiences too but my interactions with them tell me they don't trust themselves in these kind of things too much and try to rationally explain away all kinds of supernatural experiences they may have so they don't have to believe in them. INFjs trust and want to share their intuitive knowledge very much where INTjs are often very sceptical and analytical about their "visions" and want to analyze things very much before talking to anyone (usually they don't talk about them in the end...). Myself I never see dreams (or I just don't remember them) which makes this kind of phenomena very interesting and mystical to me. I do have a "sixth" sense sort of thing (like the Spiderman in the comics) but it only works when I'm in somekind of situation and is probably only subconscious processing of sensory data. For example I have sensed something is wrong in a house before fire alarm detected a fire which started from a candle. When a group of people is present I can usually sense quickly when things are not going right and something negative is about to happen soon. In a meeting I usually know how the meeting is going to end when it has just started etc. These "intuitive experiences" are very strong and if I can't do anything to prevent the "bad" from happening it is emotionally very heavy. I don't think my experiences are supernatural though but I do have somekind of hidden intuition or something that feeds things into my consciousness so that I just _know_ things but can't explain how I know them. I like to spend time with intuitive types especially INFjs and INTjs who can teach me more about their intuition. ENFp intuition is interesting too in a different way. Their company usually makes my intuition stronger. If I spend time with INTps it destroys my intuition...I relate in a different logical dimension with INTps and not too much in intuitive level so I would think their experience from intuition is quite different from INFjs and INTjs. Can't tell much about INFps...I can never form any deeper relationships with them so I don't really know this type well. They seem very very conceptual in the way they think but I don't know if they are intuitive in the way you described yourself. -- ISTP Spiderman
A5 You guys are actually talking about , which is not in the ego or superid blocks of ANY of the Deltas or Alphas. It's extremely possible that the original poster is actually INFp instead of INFj. Man without a type also noted the . INFjs use rather than Ni. and are two COMPLETELY different things. -- Krauss (ESTp)
A6 As the original poster I have gone back and taken the socionics personality test 3 times. Each gives me INFx. The tie breaker makes me INFj,though it was tough to decide..Also in reading the descriptions of each type here I definitely identify with INFj. Some of the INFp qualities fit me,but the INFp is more spontaneous and materialistic than I could ever be. I feel they have a need to be noticed, as I do not look for attention. I would marry for love, not for wealth. Establishing peace between conflicting sides is very important to me, which is pobably why I'm dating an ESTp....I guess also in reading the description of INFJ on other sites(I always come up INFJ)-there is always a connection to being called the mystic or in having ESP (yes, I understand socionics is different however). I believe I read somewhere Jung was an INFP-a man who saw visions, had premonition dreams, etc. That's where I thought it was an NF quality maybe. -- aj
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A7 Hello. I am new to this and am completely astonished to find out that I am an INFJ! It it appears that I have a distinct dichotomy in my personality between this and the ISFJ. I would like to share with you all a paranormal experience I had on September the 7th 2001.If anyone could ponder this and offer feedback on it, I would be happy. This episode is but one of many that have happened to me over the years. On that day, around 1pm MST, I was on my knees at my bed praying to God about so many personal problems I have, e.g., no girlfriend, unmanagiable debt, no car, seemingly no bosom friends, the feeling of being an "alien" in this world, no church to call home, and so for. I was really pouring my heart out, asking him to please help me, because I felt helpless and did not know what to do to find any relief. After I closed the prayer with "Amen." I arose to my feet, looked at my watch and thought, May as well take a quick nap before I have to be at work at 3:00pm. I did not move from the spot where I was praying, but simply stretched my body across the bed diagonally to lay down. Now, when my nose touch the softness of my pillow SUDDENLY I was falling FACE UP SOMEWHERE. I heard and felt roaring air billowing past my *body* ---I looked around, frantically for some point of reference I was not in my bedroom, everything was pitch black and I could fell myself moving downward at a ferocious velocity. I turned my falling *body* around so as to look down to where I was going to see if it could help tell me where I was. Just as I flipped and was looking down, I saw terrible fires enfolding upon themselves at the very bottom of whatever this was I was in. Two things impressed me at once: (1) I knew I was FACE DOWN on my pillow AND NOT SLEEP. And, (2)At the beginning of whatever this was I was FACE UP falling with wind PUSHING Me UP, but gravity making me fall! IT SEEMED R E A L. It seemed that I was in some God forsaken CHIMNEY that was of an EMMENCE HEIGHT. I SCREAMED out At the top of my lungs Wooooooohoooooow! You know how the Warner Brother cartoons when the mouse comes out of his house and sees the cat, his eye bulge out? That is how I felt it seemed as if my eyes where bulging out of my *head*--I tried desparately to get me self to get my physical eyes open so I could be back in Denver. It was not easy. But I did it before I reach the flames! When I felt the pillow I instantly WORMED my body off the bed and landed on my knees on the floor. I did not get up, but instinctively raised my right armed and, with a clinched fist pounded the mattress, saying,' God do not do THAT to me!!!!!' I was out of breath, filled with an unearthly and holy horrow. I apologized to God with tears in my eyes. I had never been so angry with him, I had NEVER scream at God before or felt that utter indignation at him. Then I got up, still trembling at the picture that I could still see in my head. I went to my roommates door and knocked on it. He cracked the door and asked me what was going on. And I told him, "God just showed me what it is like to be thrown into hell." He could not say anything. What could he say to that? Anyway, a few days later the big deal happened in NYC. Later that week I was pondering the whole thing. Then I thought, Gosh, would that be odd if that vision was NOT God showing me what it is like to be thrown into hell, but somehow I tapped into something that was going to happen? Anyway, in the years since, I became convinced that I was falling in the tower because of identification with someone who would fall in it or maybe I was related to them (my dad is from NYC and I have never been there) or some such thing. Yet I have RESISTED conspiracy theories about the debacle. Well, anyway, about two weeks ago I was coming up the stairwell at a bookstore here in Denver. Facing the stairs was a book titled "Painful Questions About 911 (or some such thing). I don't know if the word "painful" cought my attention or what, but I scowled and said, Oh pahleeeze! But an inner voice said, No, take it and look at it. So I hesitated and walked over to it and picked it up. Cautiously I read the jacket, still incredulous. Then I walked over to a couch, sat down and opened it up. I read a punch of stuff, monitoring the information inside my being to see if it "felt true." When I read the part about the phone call of Barbara Olsen my heart began to sink. When I read the part about the interior of the building being dessolved so as to let the buildings fall at the speed of gravity, I began to feel sick and woozy. Suddenly I wanted to see Michael Moore's film 911 Ferenheit. I went to blockbusters, took out the film, watched it, when I saw Bush's reaction at the elementary school BINGO (and you know what I mean. I came across this website, please check it out: Help the people who had to leave this world without the ceremonies and decencies we hope will belong to our own eventual departures. You can help them by educating yourselves with the Truth. And I bid you godspeed. Astonished INFJ -- AINFJ
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