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Question #1134153478Friday, 9-Dec-2005
Category: INTp INFp Tests Hidden Agenda
I usually test as INTP regardless of test, but only by a very slim margin. When it comes to breaking the tie (a question to determine the final score) I'll end up sitting there going back and forth between answers forever. I'll pick one then the other and so on, then decide on one and regret my answer recalling all the reasons I might be t or f. (It doesn't help that the questions are sometimes too direct. "Are you a feeler or a thinker?" really doesn't alleviate the problem) Out of habit, I usually err on the side of logic-assuming that my initial test scores were accurate. Still, I find a lot of things that fit me on different occasions. I can read any given profile for INFP and say "yes, that's me!"; then go to the description for INTP and do the same. Am I really in between? Does the fact that I usually end up T speak for itself? Is there another way to cross-check this dimension of ones type? -- Anonymous
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A1 Are you a male or a female? If you are male, go with INFP. If female, go with INTP. You may be testing closer to the middle based on what you think you're supposed to be because of cultural influence. -- Anonymous
Moderator's comment
What about homosexuality? Some gay men are more feminine and some gay women are more masculine. How does this correlate with the above gender theory?
A2 Wow, I didn't expect an answer so quickly! Thank you! Oddly enough I find that sometimes I will try to convince myself I'm more logical than empathic, because I shy away from the idea of being dubbed too sentimental-again I suppose that speaks for itself. (And, I'm a bisexual female, if that helps any.) -- Anonymous
A3 there are other general differences between intp and infp that can help clarify things for you. generally, infps are social 'joiners', or they ideally wish that they were. intps, on the other hand, consider being invited to weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, and other things a form of punishment. infps have an odd habit of telling you their opinion - just out of nowhere. for example, an infp 'thing' to do is to suddenly blrt out something like "you know, i really don't like sugar in iced tea" or "i think people fly too much; they should take the train". the point is, is that infps, when they feel like blurting something out, will often just tell you their opinion. this is because infps think that they're quite fascinating (really, they do) and so their "arrival" at an opinion is a kind of...magical awakening that you are lucky to be around for. intps are just as strange, except that instead of an opinion, it's usually a summary or conclusion, like "why do people think that world war two actually ended?" or "most workplaces are adult day cares, but without play doh". so the intp blurts out 'analysis', while the infp blurts out opinions. another fun (general) distinction between the two is that infps seem to lovvvvvve the fact that they are so impractical. it's something they like to advertise to others. intps don't do this - they don't "feel good" about anything impractical. rather, they advertise their non-comformity. now, whether the infp is as impractical as he/she likes to believe and the intp is as non-conformist as he/she likes to believe is something else. but you get what i mean. oh, and here's another one: some intps may be socially retarted, but it's not because they necessarily cannot learn to be graceful; it's because they simply repel social 'rules' that they perceive to be conditioning or attempts at manipulation (i.e. being nice to 'the boss', giving a **** that someone is married for 12 years, and so on). and in fact, intps who 'learn' how to coexist with social rules can become extremely good at it (because it's acting). infps are social retards, too. yes, they can blend into environments, but that doesn't stop them from, say, sitting cross legged on the floor in the middle of an executive seminar, taking off their shoes at the bookstore, or doing other things that let everyone else know that they dance to the beat of their own drummer (and other cliches). intps are social retards because they don't "get" social rules, and they don't want to participate in something that seems to be so...evil. infps are social retards because they give themself permission to be so. -- Anonymous
A4 Thankyou, A3 - that was really insightful. -- Rob (INTp I think)
A5 Hmm, I don't really expect a reply as the last post was 3 years ago but I'm suffering from the same dilema. I am borderline INTP/INFP and I just don't see how that helped. I guess maybe it did a little bit but with every point I went a different way. I am female and yeah can admit I'm socially retarded. I do sometimes exclaim weird inner thoughts but can't tell if they are general or opinions. Some websites I read both and go WOW it's like my lifes story, but some websites I'm like what? that isn't me for both (this website I don't see either as me but I guess this one is more about the negatives). I could go on for ages about who I am but don't have the motivation. I am a blatant starer and procrastinator, my room is a mess but some things I must have cleanliness. I have an imagination but no creativity and I am very passive unless I care about a particular topic. Oh, and if it helps, all my friends think I am very anti-bitch (I stick up for people) and if I don't like someone I HATE them. I have too much going on in my head at night to get to sleep easy. I think I'm crazy Please help -- Morgan
A6 Hey, Morgan, I thought you sounded like an INTj to me I'm not saying you are one, but this certainly rules out INFp for me. -- Anonymous
A7 sticking up for people is more of an INFP and ENFP(the champion) thing, ESFP too, cuz we can't stand mean people who bully others. (mercy) anyway it is possible that you are INXP. which is pretty cool cuz you got balance of both dimensions(T/F). -- infp girl
A8 Ok so yeah. I stumbled upon this party because I too think I'm a cross between F and T... Initially my test says I am INFP. Sweet, I'm creative instead of thinking I know it all... However I find myself with some INTP traits as well. Is it possible that being an INFP or INTP is not absolute of your character but simply a basis. I've learned through life that some times I have to trust logic, or being logic forth from my feelings in order to determine why I feel so strongly about a subject. Being right is never my goal, but simply allowing what is "right" or just to win. I think a great deal about things and dissect subjects. I am messy and socially awkward at times but professional at other times. Throw in a few witty remarks to lighten the mood... occasionally butcher a conversation... then some times I own a conversation. But in my mind I think I can never know which conversations were which. lol INFPs and INTPs both tend to over analyze it seems. But I guess looking out for the general interest and general truth(within the bounds of what I have experienced to be truth) as opposed to enforcing my truth to the world makes me an INFP over an INTP... Maybe I answered my own question? lol -- Tim
A9 Maybe it helps: INFp belongs to the beta quadra, INTp to the gamma quadra -- piccolo_michel
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