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Question #1130179532Monday, 24-Oct-2005
Category: INTp ENTp E/I Typing
Is there a way to differentiate explicitly between ENTP and INTP? I've read some type descriptions already and I still cannot decide between them... it seems I match to both of the types but in different situations and moods. Thanks -- Ilya
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A1 I used to have the same problem. For me it came down to my often overwhelming enthusiasm, and the charge I get from the rare occasions when I leave my books and dreaming to be sociable. Plus my love of attention. heh. These things convinced me that even though I often act like a veritable hermit, I'm actually an extrovert. Do you feel a rush of energy from being around people that revitalizes you, or is it more likely to irritate or tire you, making you long for solitude? Your answer may lie here. -- Anonymous
A2 Hey, Thanks indeed! I have exactly the same behaviour as you describe. Though there are few occasions for being in company, I do enjoy it everytime. but how could be explained my occasional pedantry (->INTP) assaults??? or Is it common for ENTPs to collect things? -- Ilya (ENTP:)
A3 I'm another ENTP that sometimes seems to act like a total introvert. I can sit and work on my own for hours. I don't really like throwing parties and am even sometimes shy calling up people I know and inviting to do stuff. But anytime someone invites me to a party I end up yakking all night with everyone and get a huge buzz from all the energy and attention. I like almost everyone. I joke and charm and shmooze anytime I happen to end up around people. I just don't like the feeling of responsibility that comes if I have to do the inviting. So I let other people do it. -- Echo
A4 INTP don't like to be in the lime light. They like to think of this "quality" as a sign of humility and intelligence. -- Anonymous
A5 I'm pretty sure I'm an ENTp and i like working on my own and can do so for hours, but I feel like the more people are around me, the more of an extrovert I am. For example when I'm talking to one person I usually end up talkin in depth about one subject, but when there's a group of people (including at least one person I know likes me, damn you insecure Fe!) then I am usually very random and switch from subject to subject. Oh, and funny too. -- Joey
A6 I think it's a matter of preference. We all have times when we wish to be alone and when we need social contact. Extroverts can be withdrawn on occasion, and introverts can be quite social in the right group of people. (I am very much an introvert, especially when surrounded by extroverts, but compared to other introverts I can be outgoing in the right setting.) If, under normal circumstances, you are more at ease with people (regardless of whether you initiate contact or not), enjoy attention, and feel more energized as you interact, then I would say you are probably more likely to be an extrovert. -- Anonymous
A7 A lot of comments here are based on MBTI descriptions of E vs. I. I notice Socionics sites try to get away from that...E's are maximallists (try to do a lot and go places), and I's are minimalists (a little more fearful of the world, more interested in stability and internal comfort). I don't know if that solves anything though; really what you have is a bunch of related scales with some correlation, no ultimate definition. The fundamental difference is that in Socionics, you have to have introverted intuition to be INTp. However, when I look at the definitions, introverted intuition for Socionics doesn't seem to be as different from extraverted intuition as it may appear. In my opinion this one thing makes it much harder to type NTs: NTs like to master stuff, so they're more likely to learn how to use every kind of thinking and intuition, and when someone becomes so mentally versatile, that person may not longer by typable. -- Jonathan
A8 Jonathon - Your answer intrigues me. I usually type as an INTp (less often ENTp), but ENTp, INTj and INFp descriptions all fit me too, to a degree. I do feel quite versatile, moreso as my experience grows. Its something I've always enjoyed, trying out new modes of being/doing. I'm lucky to have had some good early social experiences and an ESFj/ESFp friend who is extremely extrovert - so I might have avoided a few of the more reclusive/antisocial aspects of INTp. (Sorry - off topic.) -- Rob Record
A9 Ilya, I presume you mean a Myers-Briggs INTP, which more naturally corresponds to a socionics INTj (and no, Admin, I am not claiming that this is always the case). Okay, disclaimers dispensed with, we can get on to the meat of the question. In my experience, I have known quite a few of both types, ENTp's tend to be flashy, gregarious folks who "what-if" up front. "Look, ma, no hands!" was obviously coined by an ENTp. INTj's say little, blend in to the wallpaper, but who analyze things for their logical consistency first. With the INTj analysis begets invention. With an ENTp often 'forethought' follows insight. -- Anonymous
Moderator's comment
MBTI INTP does not correspond to Socionics INTj not naturally, not usually, not even often, but sometimes. There is no hard correlation because MBTI test and MBTI theory are not compatible with each other.
A10 @A9, With all due respect to your expertise in the matter, my dear Moderator, if the MBTI test is incompatible with the MBTI theory then that is a problem for the MBTI, one that socionics is not obliged to solve. Nonetheless, when I wrote that "a Myers-Briggs INTP ... more naturally corresponds to a socionics INTj," I was referring to the MBTI theory itself. The theory accounts for the behavior of those it terms INTP by stating that such persons are endowed with a dominant introverted thinking along with an auxillary extraverted intuition. The MBTI crowd may have gotten the functionality all bolloxed up in terms of what functions are responsible for the behaviors of so called INTP's, but to the extent that the MBTI gives first place to Ti and second place to Ne for an INTP, the M-B INTP and the socionics INTj are identical. -- Anonymous
A11 @A10. Then you should have specified that you were referring to MBTI theoretical model of INTP. Many people don't know anything about functions and for them MBTI INTP is just the result of some Internet test they took somewhere, in which case it would most likely be a Socionics INTp rather than INTj. I hope you understand the confusion you could create by trying to solve this problem with a simple rule. -- Admin
A12 @A11. My humble apologies. I do indeed understand that it is confusing. That's why I attempted some qualification of my answer before I gave it. From now on I shall leave you unmolested to place whatever disclaimer you feel is necessary on my opinions. -- Anonymous
A13 -- Admin
A14 I like what Jonathan said it makes a lot of sense to me. I have a real hard time typing myself even though I know I am NT. -- Chris
A15 I'm an INTP with a strong introversion, but you'll often see me acting like an idiot extrovert whenever I feel like it. You'll find me listening to heavy metal music at full blast while banging my head to the beat, and you'll find me sliding on handrails while shouting like a madman. I also like throwing random stuff at people, because I find it very interesting to watch how they react- some would get mad, some would throw things back. Hehehe. -- simoncpu
A16 ENTP's major orientation is extraverted thinking with their auxillary function being introverted thinking. In an INTP the two orientations are reversed (according to Myers-Briggs). My partner is an INTP male and he reads more, needs less external world time, gets tired more easily from a day out on the town, is more precise with this thought and language and enjoys learning through reading rather than discussion. He has more patience with strategy games, crossword puzzles, and mensa type problems. I would prefer talking with like-minded people about different ways to solve social issues, like lack of adequate daycare, rights for the homeless etc. My INTP partner is content with acquiring knowledge, whereas I'm more content if I can use my knowledge to affect the world or people in a tangible way. -- Anonymous
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A17 what ever happened to ambiverts? -- charific
A18 maybe instead of putting it that way A17, what u would otherwise like to work on is the typology line of behaviours which can be swapped bt. individuals of the same type.. NT type (as u claim no IorE domain only behaviours). SIMONCPU certainly had it right..for an introvert to analyze behaviours truely is fun...would this be the key to A9 A10's meaning of an Introverted and Extrovert function in an INTP...Indeed A7s mental versatility is the the aim of all -- @sirac
A19 A15 simoncpu, The discription you give about your self sounds like my ISTP brother. I my self an INTP may on occasion get into music like that, but rarely around other people. And I generally do not throw things at people to get a reaction. -- INTP
A20 A19 honestly, do you feel envious of your bro or what? -- Yes it's me!
A21 brief time - the way i have experienced it [in it's indistiguishability] is that ENTPs speak in leu of conclusions they have affirmed in alone time. INTPs analyse in social circumstance...sothat of need in social they are quieter...(what is the mode than of an INTP in alone time...well, whats central to this time i know not yet, but now u know what i think entps do in this time) -- @sirac
A22 From my experience, I can say you can be both I can easily switch "modes" and relax by being alone reading a book or going to a party without making me feel tired! -- Anonymous
A23 ENTPs like to bounce their ideas off and speak their thoughts out loud. We are typed as clever and therefore will most often improvise and find the solution as we speak. INTPs are more introverted and will think through a situation or problem before approaching it. Lots of deep thought. A big indicator of the two extremes is: How are you when you are angry? I am an ENTP and when I am angry, I like to discuss the situation out loud and right away. Through this action, I will find my resolution. My INTP partner, however, will listen to what I say, reserve his comments, then anywhere from an hour later to a day later, he will address the situation. During that time, he will have thought logically through the entire scenario. It can be difficult at times because I will think he doesn't care or am not listening, when in reality he is fully attentive but is processing everything in his brain. He sometimes thinks that I'm too rash, emotional, or illogical. This is not true, this is just how I get my detective brain fuel. Hope that helps. -- eNVtp
A24 yeah the last line of the guy above - the rashness as the brain fuel. INTps are more quiet-monk like. ENTps tend to speak with alot of ENERGY FLYING OFF IN ALL DIRECTIONS whereas an INTp seems to have alot of energy INSIDE but not to much outside -- Th
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