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Question #1129862582Friday, 21-Oct-2005
Category: INTj INTp Hidden Agenda
I read from websites that INTJs are vulnerable in the emotional area and may make serious mistakes here. Can you please explain this? -- joseph
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A1 This particular statement corresponds more with the socionics INTp since the hidden agenda of an INTp is Fi () and of an INTj is Si (). -- Admin
A2 They are vulnerable in terms of emotions because their feelings about themselves (IF) are more visible than their feelings about others. Also thier EF being secondary means that loving others is a less conscious area and EF is, itself, an "inferior" function because it is extroverted. -- Tracy ENFJ
A3 From the MB theory perspective everyone uses the four functions of Sensation, iNtuition, Thinking, and Feeling. But these vary in "strength" and extraverted or introverted quality depending upon a person's type. The weaker functions one seldom uses and so when these weaker functions (presumably a person can only operate with one function at a time) do rise to the forfront one is significantly less competent operating in them. Operating from one's weaknesses creates psychological and social difficulties. For an INTJ the order of the functions (strongest to weakest) is Ni, Te, Fi, Se. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that this is according to Myers-Briggs typology and not Socionics. (This order would seem to imply that all MB INTJ's correspond to Socionics INTp's; however, this is not the case.) -- Anonymous
A4 I've never known what my type was until I took a test a few times and turned up INTJ on each. After doing a well-rounded set I became taken back by the things uncovered. Here I've been, all these days trying to figure just, 'where does one fit in?' it all makes complete sense. Anyway, back to your question. Speaking for myself, most relationships(if I can call it that) were pretty much short lived. I had only one long term relationship which lasted for about 4 years till we split for our own good reasons, we were also living together which was a first. As an INTJ I've been very sensitive emotional since I were younger (teens) over time though sensitive on a lesser scale (but yet still sensitve). What it all comes down to ...I'd have more luck creating the person I know to be compatible or read a good book now and then or watch a good romance movie (not p*rn) when I have the time away from work. Then again, on the other hand I might as well be a robot. At any rate after the long term relationship I've come to the point where I have no interests in even going down those emotional slopes for a while. I've got other things vying for my attention and wouldn't have the time to shift gears into that department. -- AT
A5 I have seen this personally. I had a roomate that was an INTJ. I am an INTP. We had similar interest. However he was suprisingly more emotional than myself. We would play each other in chess and he was at times, particularly in high pressure situations, prone to making moves base on emotion. He even recognized it in himself because he was normally level headed. I am suprized to find this listed on this site this is very true. -- Anonymous
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A6 an INTJ in love is a very confused INFJ -- James, INTJ
A7 @ A6 That sounds exactly like me. lol -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
A8 It's not always true. It depends how to INTj is developed. Dont forget that the teritary function is and it's much more developed in women, thus INTj woman will behave a lot like ENFp. -- :-)
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