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Question #1129760344Wednesday, 19-Oct-2005
Category: Tests Typing
Has anyone come across mis-testers? People whom you know are a certain type yet are testing as a complte opposite? Or could it be the phrase 'never judge a book by it's cover' makes sense here? -- anonymous
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A1 I have noticed that this happens alot. Personally, I never trust another person's judgement when they take a test and I usually just figure out their type naturally through deduction. Seems to take alot of time sometimes, but when it clicks you think "of course, what else could it be?!" There have been times where clear-cut ISTp's I know have tested as ENFj's, or ESTp's as ESTj's. I think that a person that wants to really figure out their type can do this fairly easily with time, sort of like a journey towards self-discovery. But if a person isn't taking typing seriously or they are taking it TOO seriously they seem to convince themselves of things that aren't there. I am always brought back to what that ISTp I know said when I told her how surprised I was that she came out ENFj: "looks can be deceiving..." she said. This remark always troubles me. -- Wacky Adventure Guy
A2 ESTp's and ISTp's (and other SP's) usually are so anti-type-theory (or theorizing in general) that if you ask them to fill out a personality questionnaire, they might purposely screw up! Often, they don't want people to know the details of their personality, it scares the **** out of them. I have also noticed that S tpes sometimes test as N types, overestimating their intuitive capabilities (perhaps because of cultural bias?). I have often seen the phenomenon that when S types are in an enviromnent which is dominated by N types, they start to behave more intellectual than they really are, trying to compete with the bunch. Typically this is very flimsy, and makes them look silly. -- pm (ENFP)
A3 Typically this is very flimsy, and makes them look silly.<-- pretty much all types do this sort of thing. -- Anonymous
A4 "Has anyone come across mis-testers?" Many times, my friend. I've given up on telling buddies to take test in order to determine their psychological type. Some of them don't know themselves and have to keep asking me to decide whether or not a said trait describes them. I know that "outside help" is sometimes needed and can be helpful (objectivity) but some of my friends are really clueless with regards to a lot of traits. I think this happens for several reasons. One possibility is a lack of understanding in one's personality or characteristics. Typically teenagers or young people face this problem but older folks who seldom devote time and attention to introspecting can also experience this (when one loses oneself to the world). If you are not that in touch with your inner self, how can the test yield accurate results? It merely churns out what you put in. Moreover, people have also learned to assume personas or masks in dealing with the external world: your job, social circle etc etc necessitate you to display certain qualities in order to get by. Over time, this skilled self-presentations can lead you to think that you have such and such traits when in fact, they are just "tools" you automatically employ to present an impression (or to survive, however you want to see it). What next..oh okay, I think that those whose sense of self-worth are dependent on following "popular trends" are especially prone to mis-testing. If a person's perception of himself changes every now and then, so would his test results. Then again, mis-testing could also happen to those who know themselves well but if it happens too frequently, perhaps it is advisable for the person to not take tests for awhile and then re-take it some time later. I hope that I've not unwittingly offended anyone. -- Anonymous
A5 I have found a common pattern where testers will test similar to what their parent(s) is(are). Also, I've also noticed that culture seems to have an effect on testing too. -- Jadae
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A6 I've noticed that people often test how they would like to be percieved,especially feeling types, who are prone to "fitting-in" that includes myself!) When the testing is done in the workplace it's surprising how many ENTJ's there are out there. My boss(an esfj)was absolutely convinced he was one, and would constantly remonstrate with me about using my intuition more (like him!) -- karen
A7 I have noticed that. I test as an INTp but am clearly an INTj, while brother is the exact opposite. My mother tested as an ISFp but is clearly a j. It seems that the J/P is a big issue, at least in my family. -- Anonymous
A8 I took the short test on this website and got ENFP. This is only because I purposefully try to be courteous and generally nice. However it is obvious to me that I'm an ENTP. I think tests that revolve around the first 4 dicectomies are susceptable to misunderstanding. People have issues, especially when words like logical, thinking, emotional, and ethical are involved. If you aren't these attributes you are crazy, brain-dead, soulless, etc. People, especially someone who isn't truly interested (SP's perhaps), don't like this. Those who don't realize that a normal person has attributes in all parts in socionics, like real life, isn't going to appreciate socionics. I found that I can easily place myself in the 15 disectomies though, for I know that I am definitely merry over serious, and democratic over autocratic. I didn't necessarily understand what intuition ment at first, even though as an ENTP it is my strong point. People mess up conciously, unconsiously, and also just don't understand the system. Theres a reason that socionics was started by an ENTp, and not an ISFj... -- ENTpee
A9 Yes, A2 is right. There are those who deliberately lie about it because they don't like the idea. But not all who mis-test are lying, of course. -- Anonymous
A10 Yeah, I always test as INFj in Socionics and ENTp in MBTI, yet I am an ESFp. -- Anonymous
A11 Oh yes, I've seen many cases of this, including extremes. -- Anonymous
A12 Yes indeed. Type is something really difficult to determine because inaccurate or confusing, and its hard to objectively determine someone's type. It's especially hard to figure out your own type or the types of people you are really close to, because you see all dimensions of their personality expressed. -- Anonymous
A13 I disagree with Sensing types not being "intellectual". Many Sensing types (such as ESFp, ISTp, ISFj, etc.) have a capacity to write or express themselves "intellectually", "artistically", "creatively", etc. that surpasses any stereotypes regarding Intuitive types being more intelligent. Although Intuitive types are more often characterized as "intellectuals", that in and of itself doesn't necessarily make them better writers, philosophers, psychologists, politicians, artists, etc. than their Sensate siblings. And mistyping and mistesting is very common. For example an INTp can be mistyped as INFp, ENFj, INTj, etc. An ISTp can be mistyped as an ISTj, INTj, INFp, INTp, etc. An ISFj can be mistypes as an ESFj, ENFj, etc. An ESFp can be mistyped as an ESTj, ESTp, ENFj, ENFp, INFp, etc. -- Anonymous
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