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Question #1129055144Tuesday, 11-Oct-2005
Category: Tests Typing j/p INTj INTp
I took this test and a Meyers Briggs and obtained the same psychological type (intp). Then I proceded to read the intj/p problem and if what that article says is true then I should be the opposite, correct? anyway I was just wondering how this could/can happen and if there is anyway to explain this? -- kangthemad
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A1 Some socionics INTps take MB test and come out INTP and some socionics INTps take the same test and come out INTJ. If you are in the first group, then you do not need to flip P and J around, if you are in the second group, then you need to flip P and J around. So, which one are you? -- Admin
A2 I have been thinking on this and have reread the intp/j problem article and have another question. You see logical intuitive intratim (gaining a understanding) i bielieve is correct, as well as the dual seeking function but i am questioning on the to be healthy "hiden agenda". It just doesn't fit, so i read them all and i have no idea, i just don't seem to want to hide anything from my fellow man(or woman) because i could care less what they think. could it be because i have the hidden agenda definanition perverted or am just unable to find it correctly? -- Anonymous
A3 It is not universally true that INTps are MB INTJs and vice versa. For example, I am an INTj according to socionics and an INTJ according to MB. I believe that this occurs because MB makes no essential distinction in the kind of intuition one possesses. E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P are treated as independent random variables in MB theory, which is a simplifying assumption from a statistical point of view but isn't necessarily true. Further the presumption in MB theory is that if one is a "J" then one's rational function, T or F, is extraverted. However, this is not what Jung meant by the term "judging." By judging Jung meant that one's dominant psychological function is rational. -- Anonymous
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A4 I recently tested some MBTT questionnaires and found they actually give the Socionics type for introverted "IN"! -- piccolo_michel
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