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Question #1125894221Monday, 5-Sep-2005
Category: Theory E/I
I read somewhere that there is a difference between being an introvert & a shy person. So if someone comes up as an Introvert but realizes that they are more shy than live-inside-their-head type, what are they? Are they some kind of an Extrovert thwarted from fully realising their extrovert potential? -- Anonymous
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A1 Maybe during development, perhaps, type is conditioned in just this way, so that an introvert is thwarted from fully realising their extravert potential, while an extravert is thwarted from realizing their introvert potential. Maybe through experience the type is locked in at a certain age. But I personally wouldn't say that shying away from certain situations necessarily means a person is an introvert, they just may lack social skills or may have been conditioned to avoid certain situations but not others. Also, shyness has many connotations which may imply different sorts of behavior, so it isn't easy to give an exact answer. -- Anonymous
A2 As an introvert I must say I somewhat choose not to be an extrovert. It's not that I lack social skills, I know I can be just extraverted as the next guy if I wanted to be-I know I have the potential. I just think extroverts are a bit out there. I'm not shy-I've been a leader for many things-in my introverted sort of way, you know, behind the scenes or part of a small group. IMO too many people around me get in the way of my inner peace. I enjoy retreating into my inner world. There are, of course, shy introverts-and probably extroverts hiding their shyness by their outlandish behavior. But trust me, just 'cause I'm not looking like I want to be the center of attention, doesn't necessarily mean shyness. -- aj
A3 Hello, yes there is a difference. Introvert people lose energy from social situations, it's like a preference. They prefer to be alone or with very close people. Shy people are afraid of social situacions, but does not mean they get exhausted of them. Extrovert people gain energy and feel good in social situations and in company. They may be shy and do not be as open as an extrovert is used to be. So shyness is a thing based on internal fears, possibly anxiety. Hope it helps!!! -- José D.
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