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Question #1125593128Thursday, 1-Sep-2005
Category: INTj INTp
INTPs are supposed to be forgetful. Are INTJs like that too? -- anonymous
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A1 Not so much. An INTj, if something is important to him, will remember at all costs. In the event he does forget, it will be terrifically frustrating to him. An INTp will forget about an important task and then decide it wasn't so important after all. We have a lot of faith in our powers of forgetting. -- H -- an INTP
A2 Anyone can be forgetful. It doesn't necessarily have any correlation with type. -- Anonymous
A3 What was the question? -- econdude (INTj)
A4 INTJs may appear to forget details of a conversation/event due the fact they absorb what is being said 'between the lines' or they are distracted by the potentialities in the ideas presented as opposed to remembering verbatim what was said/done. Upon interrogation, their memories may not match actual facts. -- Dave
A5 Econdude that was such an INTJ Joke you gave me a giggle I have a joke too... What do you call a group of INTJ's? A fight -- Johnny
A6 Answer to A5: the tongue-in-cheek term for a group of INTjs is an 'argument.' I am not making that up. -- econdude
A7 INTJ's are far from forgetful. They are great listeners and once something is said, often times do not need it repeated again. I'm dating an INTJ now and there have been so many times he will repeat something I told him and I don't even remember telling's unbelievable!! -- Anonymous
A8 We never forget . We might forgive (it takes much longer time than for others), but we never forget. Especially if it did hurt us. Thank You. -- MT
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A9 I don't know if other INTjs are this way, but I don't remember experiences, and I can't manage to remember to do things, but my memory for information that my mind has deemed to be of long term use is quite good. I can generate a random string of characters and use it for a password, and not have trouble remembering it so long as the password is for some place I log into at least once a week or so. -- Tejing
A10 When I was in university, I remembered information much better after a 4 month break than I did during and at the end of term. -- *INTj*
A11 A7 - That is completely me. A8 - Yup. Absolutely. Also, I am stunned by the things I remember without trying. At a bar yesterday when someone asked how to make an Old Fashioned. I rattled off the recipe even though I've never drunk one and haven't made one in over 20 years. Why? What the hell use is that to me now? Yet, I can't remember which house belongs to my friend even though I have been there close to 1 dozen times. -- Anonymous
A12 A11 Yeah same here, can barely remember which house belongs to someone I've known since I was a toddler. I usually have a GENERAL idea where it's located. But it's one of those areas where the architectural structure resembles every other house on the block. Also bad with remembering names of those I don't find particularly interesting or haven't grew up with. I have to actually make an effort to store names I don't necessarily care for. It doesn't help that I can speak to a person for months without asking for their name and without giving my own. To some, introducing yourself then asking for a name in return comes naturally. For me, not so much. I just speak about whatever it is then move on; exchanging names is usually an afterthought or never crosses my mind. I'm Decent with faces though, just bad with putting a name to them. Then there's times I find myself mistaking individuals with similar features as one person. For example, I met a gal at work who had just been hired, she was rather friendly (probably an INFJ). She was pretty cool over the course of a few days of conversing but not someone who stood out; at the time. Flash-forward two days later, on break I went to the break-room and spotted her [the INFJ] sitting down watching T.V.. Greeted her like you do someone you've spoke with various times. I thought there was something different about her appearance but couldn't figure it out. She looked at me a bit strange, I sat next to her then she went along with the conversation. Her demeanor and disposition seemed to do a 180 degree turn; more STP than INFJ. Just thought she was having an off day and didn't take it personal. When our breaks were over, she said 'bye' in higher spirits than the conversation began, as if she just made a new friend/acquaintance then we went our separate ways. A short time later, we met again. Only this time she spoke in a manner that you do someone you haven't seen in a long time. I was slightly thrown, wondering why she was so enthusiastic about seeing me when we just barely spoke not too long ago. She was asking questions like, "How have you been?" etc. I answered them rather puzzled, because she seemed genuine in her intent. I began to consider she may have had D.I.D.. A few days later I was speaking with her again, another new hire walked up and joined in on the conversation. I look at them both standing side-by-side comparing features. Same tone of voice, hair, one was slightly shorter than the other, but they both had the same build. Only then did I put two and two together to figure out I was speaking to two separate ladies, as a single person... this whoooole time. I was able to keep a poker face as if I knew all along who they were. Good thing I don't use names when I speak to people. They didn't even notice... For those lost, they were best-friends who were hired together and looked somewhat alike through general observation, but not much alike in detail. I have a tendency to observe people, places, and things in a somewhat silhouette aspect, where I just notice the basics; not the details. Unless! I really care to or you have an abnormal feature that stands out. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A13 UseFUL/Interesting Information= Good Memory; UseLESS/Uninteresting Information= Automatically Delete from Memory; Situations that occur= Outstanding Memory; Conversations= Voice Recorder type Memory; Step-by-Step instructions= Mediocre Memory (depending on how many steps); Remembering Names= Abysmal/Selective Memory. Where I put the Lint Roller= No Memory... Oh, it's in my hand. Silly me. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A14 I have to say my response is a bit different than those above me. I tend to have excellent memory in general. If it's something I have not used in forever it is not so easy to recall. And I easily forget faces, names, some mostly unimportant conversations I've had with friends, what days holidays or birthdays are on, what today is and if you've told me something while I was concentrating on something else? Forget about it. My memory is selective. And I have very little of my memories left of my childhood before the age of about ten. -- INTJ-A
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