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Question #1125008584Thursday, 25-Aug-2005
Category: Theory
How will knew knowledge of brain functioning affect how the study of phsycometrics advances? In studying the brain there is the sympathetic nervous system wich seems to control the J/P function. I've learned that sympathetic Dominant persons seem to always be J's and parasypathetic dominant persons seem to be P's. If we can determine which brain functions determine these phsycometric preferences will this alter how we use and understand socionics. All phsycology is nothing but abstractions of how the brain functions. A deeper understanding of the phsiology of brain functioning may give greater knowledge of people and personality yet methods of understanding these phenomena like socionics may become obsolete or archaic if it fails to adapt. Ultimitely a new system may emerge to supplant socionics the same way socionics has taken MBTI to the next level. -- E the INTP
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A1 Some dude named Eric Braverman wrote a book called "The Edge Effect". It has explanations of how different chemicals and processes in the human brain determine psychological preferences. As an intuitive person, for example, I have high levels of Acetylcholine in my brain which increases my (electrical) brain speed. I always wondered why "introverted" doesn't imply slow thinking (I can think through some problems or issues wicked fast). I haven't read the book cover to cover, and I'm sure that doesn't completely answer your question, but it looks like worthwhile reading. I hope socionics never goes away! I learned about this web site a few years ago and the fact that I can identify someone by their facial features still astounds me. -- econdude
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