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Question #1125008315Thursday, 25-Aug-2005
Category: Advice Typing ENTp E/I
I often test an ENTP and find that the hidden agenda and description of the tyoe to fit rather well. Yet I am very much a loner and am rarely able to interact with others. I seem to prefer the E but act the I. To me I have always explained it by examining my personality disorder and he pain I was caused in my childhood at leaving me unable to act the E in a way because I am unable to trust people and the reactions I have to them. It always isof great concern because I have almost no human contact in a day yet long for much more. Am I an I or a E? -- E the E/I NTP
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A1 In Socionics it seems that extraversion doesn't really imply good relations with other people and introversion doesn't really imply poor relations with people. It seems that introversion might in many instances increase the likelihood that people will develop poor communication skills since they are by nature more calm and conserving of energy. A weak feeling function for anyone might also influence a person's inability to establish healthy relations with people, but also many other things can cause poor development of social skills. I don't think that extraversion really correlates with outgoingness directly, but does reinforce it. -- Anonymous
A2 ENTPs are the type most apt to be mistyped for INTPs, since we usually don't have a lot of interest in people. That is, we have interest in people, but we are not likely to actively engage in social pursuits in order to be liked. It seems to me that ENTPs can be distinguished from their I relatives from the usually higher level of energy, better use of language, rude sarcasm (which also INTPs possess, but do not use regulary in interacting), less precision in tought, more optimism, more messiness, less knowledge about themselves -- Anonymous
A3 I am an ENTP and my husband is an INTP. I think that a G.K. Chesterton quote sums up the difference: "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice, however, there is." I am not interested in ideas that seem to me will not work "in practice" whereas he, the INTP, is interested in an idea in theory regardless of whther it will "work" or not. In practice, I need people around to energize me (unfortunately I can pick up bad energy as easily as good) whereas he can spend hours alone in his own head, like Einstein did, to re-energize and come up with new ideas. -- Anonymous
A4 Extraversion or introversion is a matter of brain chemistry. Extraverts primary neurotransmitter is different than that of introverts and takes a different path through the brain. I do not know the extent to which one's neurochemistry is influenced by one's developmental environment however. -- Anonymous
A5 I am a ENTP, and I have noticed that outside of work and school I am very extraverted. When I am at work or school, I perfer to work alone or choose the people I work with. I don't see this as not being extraverted, more as a way to avoid stupid people that just get in the way. -- This Guy
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A6 it seems that we have been equating extraversion with liking of human contacts here. like A4 commented, extraversion and introversion in psychology is a matter of brain chemistry, which says intraverts need fewer stimulations from the outside world because their brain is sensitive to them while extraverts need more becuase they are less sensitive. it's something like a person's caffine tolerance. now, need for stimulation has nothing to do w/ need for human interaction, right? i mean human interactions definitely provide stimulation but it's not the only source. so ET can go with little human interactions if they get simulations of other forms. my thoughts only. i think F types need human interactions more (Admin, would be great if you can clarify on the matter). and what's not mentioned here by any of the previous msgs is... the quality of human interactions being received. i'm an introvert and i'm a T and i need human interactions, too. when i run low on fuel (feeling not connected to people), i get quality replenishment which can get me going for a long while. -- Anonymous
A7 I'm ENTP, and I'm largely incapable of getting anything done when alone. Now, I'm exceedingly Extroverted-to the extent that I become physically ill if I don't have at least one good conversation each day-so I may not speak for all ENTPs. Be that as it may, when working with people (actually *with* them, not just in conjunction), I can accomplish tasks with a speed and thoroughness that surpises even me myself. I also take Adderall (amphetamine) on prescription, and it reduces my need to be constantly stimulated, purportedly by making me more sensitive to more mundane stimuli. This supports the idea of Extroverted Intuition being related to brain chemistry. To answer the orignal question, I offer a story: As a child, most would have thought me to be an Introvert because I kept to myself in my own imaginary world. However, as I grew and learned social convetions (through logical intuition, not through empathy) I became the cool kid in school and a regular ladies man. This transformation probably had more to do with the people around me than with me myself. You see, they had become more receptive to my tangiential pursuits of arcane knowledge and surreal sense of humor. In the absence of people to deal with the extrovert often feels trapped inside himself, and will often find some creative means of expressing his discoveries, even going so far as to create entire ficticious worlds and languages. Introverts have been known to do this as well, but the motivation is different. Introverts marvel at their ideas; extroverts just have to get it off their chest. Hopefully that may help you to determine your expression preference. -- JReed
A8 I have always been an ENTP, be it in the Myers-Brigg, Jungian, or Socionics test. However, here at work I prefer to work alone. I also highly value my time alone and prefer solitary sports over team sports. ENTPs just so happen to be very keen observers of human behavior and I think that's the bulk of our basis for extraversion. Inasmuch as I enjoy a good party every so often with friends, going out every weekend is not my thing. Sometimes, I get worn out with having to deal with people alone. But that doesn't make me any less of an ENTP. :-p -- marga the ENTP
A9 I'm also an ENTP with very less friends (2 to be precise), often being alone, working, thinking, dreaming. But I like interaction with (strange) people a lot! Nobody ever kept me for an introvert or something, but only an extrovert person. When there's need for someone to give a presentation, people ask me because I've got a talent for it they say (or they're just afraid for it and I'm so stupid to do it for them), but I really enjoy it also! People also say that I'm easy to read (face), but hard to understand (?). I can work together very well, being the joker of the group or just walk off and do something for myself, completely isolated from others. Normally, I keep some healthy distance to other people, because I don't like everybody. I only like people who're genuine, not faking their friendliness to achieve something from another person. And people have to be smart, funny, technical/specialized in some kind of way as well, to gain my attraction. I've got an very introvert-friend and dealing with him, gives difficulty sometimes. He's also treated with medicines for his special 'moody' behavior, so he's an exception on 'normal' introverts, I think. But some things are very clear: he's very calm, outspoken/genuine, doesn't say much, lives in his own dreamworld, very scientific minded. I think that is the big difference between E and I, the NEED to talk and express themselves in the presence of people (E) and more able to be alone comfortably (I), instead of having a underlying desire to interact, despite the fact that also E-types like to work alone a lot of times. Being not in the position of making friends, because of your living- or work situation, can E-types make feel him/herself lonely, because they've got no one to talk to from time-to time. The I-type instead, will manage himself emotionally better, because of the absence for this need. That's why an (E) as a result in your test, doesn't represent that you MUST have a lot of friends, thinking that you're actually an I-type, it shows your natural need for interacting. So leave your house and go find some people! -- An ENTP fm The Netherlands
A10 I'm an ENTP female. I have usually 2-3 female friends that I rotate doing activities with. I usually have 1 "newer" friend with whom I hang out with more because she is still interesting to me, as I try to figure her out! I've discovered that as a female, I need some female friends just to talk, vent and share feminine issues - mostly relationshiops with significant others. I certainly don't need to see my friends every weekend either. I do like going out more than my INTP partner. I actually enjoy going out on my own, travelling alone. I have my own time and flexibility to do exactly as I like, when I like for how I long I prefer! It's great, my INTP partner stays home to work on some IT work, and I'm off on my own, exploring and getting re-energized from my surroundings. I love meeting random people at say for example, a take-out restaurant and learning about them, how they think, what the believe, who they are. It's refreshing and interesting to me for sure! -- Anonymous
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