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Question #1124608010Sunday, 21-Aug-2005
Category: Personality
I wish to know if the personality type is something people are born with or develop later? In my case I had a terribly trying time during my adolescence when as a response to the problems, I developed an attitude questioning all forms of establishment. Also how can types be identified among children? -- supposedly an INTP
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A1 Personality types are very likely born with. But children are easily influenced by parents', school teachers' and social expectations. Therefore, children may look more like other types than what types they actually are. To identify their types needs careful observation and analysis. -- Anonymous
A2 There is a difference between Personality, Personality Type and Psychological Type. Personality is a mixture of various personal traits and qualities. Psychological Type is a structural core of the psyche and is independent of Personality. Personality Type is a part of Personality based around Psychological Type. -- Admin
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A3 I've observed that children from the time that they're born seem to be given to certain traits. These personal traits seem to stay consistant while others seem to be tried out and either accepted or rejected as personal interests change. E/I and J/P seem to stay consistant, but I've seen people appear to change from one preferance to another while growing up in the other areas. Who knows! -- ERIC
A4 While reading the various Personality Types, I discovered that I was a little bit of an INFP and a little bit of an INTP in my adolescent years. Like you, I also had a rather turbulent experience in my early years. Finding that emotions are too much for me too bear, I sought refuge in books in order to find answers. I slowly developed my Thinking side, and later came to the realization that I should not use my Feelings as often as I do, because emotions are inferior when compared to logic. I'm now in my early 20s, and I'm now developing my Feeling side once again, because my ESFJ girlfriend made me realize that there is more to life than logic. [ simon.cpu ] -- Simon Cornelius P. Umacob
A5 refering to u the questioner, and A4, it is definitely true, that because our institutions may force an illogical F and T based approach on youth(simultaneously i might imagine), that in teenage years many people may experience this, that they choose a definite F or T axis, as an INTP i experienced the same...but with religion and perhaps more-so 'politics' when reviewed now, and choose the T axis and purged the F learned behavioural etiques to gain more stability, as this stability i preceived as needed to obtain my goal (which in an evolutionary psychology model is always 'mating' and in the socionics language the manifestation of the 4th or PoLR function...which so said, seems to institute this time of disorder) i preceive u really want an answer to your question, probably cause u feel your PoLR and responses poisoning ur present environment or whatever. but i would beg the advise on you, that u should not be to hasty. also, A4, speaks asif he is taking on a more F axis approach with age, in socionics theory...i would argue, that what he says is strictly not true, as his T function balances his dual, and so now his psycho-emotional state being more restful, causes his F-feeling.. and it wrong that an F - feeling thing should even be spoken of, as the F in socionics is to do with processing metabolism priority and perhaps nothing with the emotional languish from brain chemicals -- sirac son of
A6 I know several truths: Identical twins (monozygote)can be 0-100% the same in static (type) personality. MBTI and Socionics testing results seem to skew in relation to one's area since we are natually ethnocentric to one degree or another. Nurture can get in the way of honest results. So... draw your own conclusions from this =) Personally I am guessing it is a combination of social/biological interplay combined with womb development that creates this summarized version of life we call functions and types (since functions follow a philosophical principle in dichotomy of "if this, then that"). -- Jadae
A7 Well, I'm an ENTp, but I was a lot more introverted and sensitive as a child. I wanted to be liked, but I was made fun of a lot for being ugly and nerdy. lol. I had horribly low self-esteem which continued to be a problem up until age 13. Now I'm very self-confident for the most part now and fairly outgoing. It just depends on which crowd I'm around. I easily entertain people if I want to, it's something I can choose to turn on or off. -- ENTp
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