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Question #1124123246Monday, 15-Aug-2005
Category: Duality
I have a question about Duality relationships. "Relations of Duality also go through several stages... The more stages completed by Duals the more unbreakable their relationship." Im interested in knowing more about these stages. Has anyone written about duality relationships in detail? And if so, would an english version be available for me to buy? -- Rosy
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A1 You can compare the stages of duality relationship to defence levels. At the beginning we have high defence level, i.e. we cannot trust one another completely. But as the relationship progresses we lower our defences and let the other person become closer. Although this is true with almost any relationship, in the duality relationship there are less obstacles preventing the full integration. The process is often a straight progression, whether in other types of relationship it could swing back and forth quite considerably. If you need more details then you have to look for a specific duality relationship description, like ISTp-ENFp or ENTj-ISTj etc. Some have been written by people already, however I am not sure if there are any in English. -- Anonymous
A2 To "anonymous", Can you provide us with any links or books to these specific duality relationship descriptions? I'm particularly interested in the INFJ-ESTJ relationship. -- Anonymous
A3 ooh i'd be interested in an ISTp-ENFp relationship, since im an ENFp myself. where would I look to find such a book? -- Rosy
A4 Hi ENFP Rosy. I'm an ENFP and my name is Rosie. This is a silly remark but it cracked up given all the serious conversations going on. I dated an ISTP who rode motorbikes, was an electrician and did all sorts of adventurous outdoor stuff. The one area where we really got along is the sense of both living on the edge. I didn't know about the whole ISTp-ENFp when that relationship was going on or else it may have lasted. I was worried about the lack of intellectual connection. And I would be intrigued to see the stages of ISTp-ENFp relationship too. -- Rosie
A5 I am an ENFP dating an ISTP...happily. for more than 6 years. More than anything, we respect one another's right to be who/what we are. He sees me as a "space cadet" (although a very lovable one), and he is very "I'll believe it, when I see it." I see it as: He is my rock, and I give him wings. While it is easier for me to understand him than it is for him to understand me, he does admit that I am never boring. (Boredom is like death to me.) I admire his practicality and never refuse to listen to his advice, although I don't always take it. Because he has his own independent spirit, he does get that about me. ) Intellectually, he's a sponge...about facts and concrete evidence. I am the one who is always trying to plant abstract ideas and concepts into our discussions... When I am able to give practical examples, even if they aren't always concrete, he is more open to me. I think we are more complementary than opposite, and so far, it's worked for us. -- Anonymous 2
A6 As far as INTJ ENFP, I really don't want to date any Js. I like open minded liesurely people. Vanice -- Anonymous
A7 A6 - I've met many close-minded Ps. Many Js are open-minded. I love socionics but of course, some people will misuse it. Dating is enough of a meat market as it is, please don't taint socionics by weeding out potential dates like a human resources flunky sifting through resumes. -- econdude
A8 I'm an ENFP dating an ISTP also, and I can totally relate to Anonymous2! Dating my ISTP has been nothing but near perfect for me.:) -- Mio
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A9 A4, do you mean as an ENFp you didn't know if you'd be clever enough for him? -- Anonymous
A10 This page goes in depth on duality, as well as discussing the relations of each individual pair: -- Anonymous
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