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Question #1122238117Sunday, 24-Jul-2005
Category: Typing Theory
Is it possible for an Introverted type such as INTP or INFP to be extremely talkative to the point of being annoying? -- Anonymous
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A1 Talkativeness alone means nothing and defines nothing in relation to the type. However, in conjunction with other personality traits it may well indicate Extroversion. So the answer to your question is: Yes, it is possible but it is also unlikely. -- Admin
A2 I'm an INFP, and with certain people that I feel really comfortable with (like other INFPs), I can get pretty talkative. I keep a lot to myself, so at times I think I can become overly talkative to make up for it. It depends a lot on being comfortable with and relating to the person I'm talking to though. Overall I am definitely not extremely talkative though. -- A, INFP
A3 Definitely! Introverts are forced to learn to behave as extroverts in order to compete in the job (as well as sexual) marketplace, and especially if they were raised in predominantly extroverted cultures (latin, arab, american, etc). Having no native version of extraversion, many introverts' solution to becoming (or appearing to be) extraverts is to turn on the loudspeaker on the thoughts streaming through their heads. This emulated extraversion falls short of real extraversion, in which the extravert's perception of his own thoughts happen at the very instant he voices them. The introvert, on the other hand, only perceives his own thoughts in silence. By turning the loudspeaker on, he short-circuits his own perceptiveness, and is likely to speak endlessly (much like the stream of thoughts that normally go through his head). Many times, he will not know when to stop. That can be veeery annoying. -- Andre - INTj
A4 yeah, based on my personal experience as an introvert, learning how to talk a lot is a valuable skill, but learning when to stop is VERY important. -- Woodrow
A5 I've noticed that introvert types under stress, or when they are going through a bad phase in life, might even become talkative to the point where you won't be able to participate in the conversation, which then becomes a monologue. I've seen this with an ISTJ boss of mine (and I wonder if his talkativeness wasn't motivated by me being ENFP and our differences in psychology and expectations), as well as an ISTP woman I dated, which was in high need of psychotherapy. So yes, introverts can be quite talkative, especially when thet feel save to express themselves, or when pressed to defend their positions -- pm
A6 I've an infp friend when under stress will be so talkative that a lot of what she said didn't make sense. Anyway, I feel that most introverts are forced to be talkative. They usually talk more than most extroverts whenever they felt compelled to. Many of them tend to be unaware of how much is enough and when to stop. -- miss infj
A7 Boy, having an INT? roommate and being an INTj myself, I can definitely relate to what Andre said. My roommate frequently begins monologues that ramble all over the place. I usually get lost on my own thought journey early on in the "conversation," but I never say what I'm thinking because he never pauses in his stream of talk. Of course, where he lacks in the area of letting people talk, I like in the area of listening. So, basically, a lot of talking goes on in our room compared to the amount of conversation. -- jINT
A8 Introversion doesn't necessarily imply a taciturn disposition. Being an introvert more often implies that one's source of well being is centered within the self. By contrast an extravert's sense of well being comes from external stimuli. In sum an introvert might talk alot but doesn't need to; an extravert might remain silent so long as he is getting adequate attention from others. -- metroGnome, the ostensible INTj
A9 absoflippinlutely boyo. i (infp) drive my partner (intp) up the waaaaall -- beth
A10 This is so true. ""The introvert, on the other hand, only perceives his own thoughts in silence. By turning the loudspeaker on, he short-circuits his own perceptiveness, and is likely to speak endlessly"". People who don't know me well, call me a good listener, but my family can't shut me up. And putting their hands over their ears only makes me talk louder, lol, because I will speak my mind. Don't ask me what I think. -- cs - INTj/p
A11 I've noticed that especially when under stress, INTp types tend to talk way more than is natural. This is painfully obvious to me as their dual, and usually end up "giving them a hint" to chill out by showing subtle signs of disinterest in what they have to say. They usually realize pretty quick that I'm not expecting them to make heavy conversation and start acting much more natural again. -- -SEE/ESFp
A12 A11: You're speaking my mind. But I think that doesn't happen under stress only - when I was on holiday with my INTp friend, she kept talking nonstop from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. It was really weird, even annoying at the end. I actually asked her to be silent and just watch the countryside several times - she managed for 20 seconds. Maybe because I'm an unusually taciturn ESFp so she feels someone should fill the silence, or because she doesn't have anyone to speak to at home, I don't know... But she didn't use to be like this. INTps, if you had any hints about why this happens I would very much appreciate it. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A13 the introvert partner thinks the extrovert partners is too good for them maybe? and Ni is willing to do anything to keep the relationship running in the lon term, remember they dont enjoy the moment, what is plan out in the intp's head is what how they will act in the moment, and many things can go on in the intp's head when they meet their dual. -- ENFJ,Jas
A14 I also have the monologue problem. For some reason I can't shut up and realize when people don't care. I think once I turn the switch on to "verbalize" my thoughts I will keep speaking until I switch into introverted thinking again. I hate verbalizing my thoughts because it is hard for people to follow me because it is in too much of a scrambled-like thought process. In other words, I am lacking in the whole communication department. -- Brandon INTP
A15 Yeah I'm an infp and I've always been very talkative and sometimes I can even be charming, definitely more now because I work in customer service. I've found that what makes me an introvert is the fact that I like to keep attention off of myself, even positive attention and I hate big social events. -- Danielle
A16 As an INTP, I've found we have a desire to be understood. Which leads to lengthy explanations and looong diatribes. We can REALLY want to drive home a good point. Yes, introverts can be verbose, especially if they are comfortable with the listener (as many have said). -- JRN
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