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Question #1122235377Sunday, 24-Jul-2005
Category: Advice
I am an ENFP and I think that, as a result, I have difficulty to argue verbally I discuss unrelated problems during argument and I place all the information needed to build a point in an unstructured way. How do I get more skilled in Te to survive verbal discussions? Is there a way around? -- Anonymous
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A1 If you want to improve your Te, it is quite simple - read, read and read more and watch general knowledge quiz shows. If there is a particular topic you wish to argue, you can always spend some time in a library studying it thoroughly. If you need to know how to build a valid argument, have a look at Also, spend more time with ISTps and INTps. Simply by being around these types you may observe how they use their Te and learn from them. -- Admin
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A2 You definitely sound like an ENFP! Although, Te is not your (main) problem. Te is something that ENTPs can be hyperenergetic about accumulating more of (even compulsive) if their Fe is dissatisfied. To improve your debate skills, Te is not the issue as much as your N axis. Your Ni is underactive compared to your Ne. This means that you can often filter out information inaccurately, do not always choose your priorities and battles wisely, and (though you will probably hate to admit it, for this is a sensitive area) you easily lose sight of the big picture in all its relative detail. Note that ENFPs really do WANT to see the big picture (probably because most discover it is a weakness over time) ~ but to accomplish that, ENFPs often feel they go about achieving this in indirect ways ~ through using a lot of Te, for example! And so, to solve your problem, a mental trick you may want to try and stimulate your Ni is focus on the anticipated satisfaction of your Fe (relationships) and Fi (emotional investment/personal values) through it as the goal. Your Ni function is stimulated if you believe it's in pursuit of a satisfied Fi. I would be interested in hearing if this advice helps you, or atleast some variation of the theory implied. -- AnonymousISFP
A3 I believe that I hear your Hidden Agenda talking. Te is cookbook thinking. Te organizes the facts of one's external world into proforma recipes. Not that Te is bad, on the contrary, it forms the contents of all of our learned knowledge; it is absolutely necessary. However, for debate Ti is what you want rather than Te. Ti recognizes patterns, spots inconsistencies, and understands general principles. As an ENFp, Ti is your point of least resistance - you will feel the sting most if criticized in this area. To develop your Ti take a critical thinking class. -- metroGnome, the ostensible INTj
A4 You start by finding a way to answer your own questions. -- Anonymous
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