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Question #1122234978Sunday, 24-Jul-2005
Category: Theory Legal
I'm worried about ethical aspects of psychological metrics and tools. Can't they be used, for instance, to discriminate employees? Is Law mature enough to handle these issues? -- Anonymous
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A1 Psychometrics is a valuable tool for self-discovery. Using it to discriminate employees is questionable. On one hand you cannot let colour-blind person to drive a bus full of children, on the other hand psychometrics is not as straight and simple as a colour-blindness test. If you use psychometric tools to rearrange desks in the office, it is one thing. If you decide whether a person should or should not get a job based on the psychometric results, it is completely different thing. Whether or not Law is mature enough to handle these issues, you should better ask a lawyer. -- Admin
A2 I don't believe Law is mature enough, in your words, to handle the issue you raised. The APT (Association for Psychological Type) indicates in its charter that it is unethical to use type to screen candidates in the hiring process. I would be more worried about a supervisor using social science to wreak havoc on a career and otherwise make you miserable. This happened to me at a job I left recently. I worked there for almost five years and my last supervisor used "People Styles" and the Gallup strengths to abuse me. Social Science can provide useful tools - or dangerous weapons. Be careful in the workplace when type comes into play. -- econdude
A3 The reality is that some jobs may be better suited to certain types. However, I believe that many jobs attract certain types more than all types apply to all jobs in equal numbers. Using Phsycometrics may just confirm why an employee seems to be more effective at his/her profession. -- E the intp
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