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Question #1121203749Tuesday, 12-Jul-2005
Category: Models Theory Functions Hidden Agenda
An article entitled "Type and the hidden agenda", by Sergai Gonin, confused me. Can you please explain why the hidden agenda for an Enfp would be "Knowing", or did you get that confused with a thinking type? -- Sidell
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A1 From the looks of it: The "hidden agenda" is located in a person's weak area of unconscious creativity. Since this is a painful area for a person they will often try to minimize the risk of trauma by accumulating alot of information related to it. Doing this they will lessen the impact of any traumas they receive. Our weaknesses always influence our behavior, if they didn't I would assume life would be a kill or be killed scenario. If you know plenty in advance you won't have to worry as much about making stupid mistakes, If everyone loves you you won't have to worry about making enemies, if you believe in something you won't have to worry about living a pointless life etc... etc... And when your agenda is secure you will have plenty of time to do what you're best at without worrying so much about the "bad things" in life. -- Steve, ENTp
A2 "Knowing" would not be the hidden agenda of a thinking type because those types tend to be more confident of the knowledge that they possess. ENFps tend to doubt the knowledge that they possess while thinking types do not. An IxTJ (the type that possesses the hidden agenda of the ENFp as their dominant function) would "know what they know" and not their personal knowledge as much. -- ptl
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