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Question #1119823359Sunday, 26-Jun-2005
Category: Theory Typing Twins
Do twins have the same type? -- Anonymous
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A1 Although the few pairs of twins we had a chance to observe had the same type, there've been some reports indicating otherwise. How accurate those reports is unknown. -- Admin
A2 Identical twins should be identical types, otherwise V.I. would be meaningless. -- Woodrow
A3 According to my four observations, yes. -- false
A4 i doubt it. take a look at any portrait of twins and you'll "see" a difference. mary-kate and ashley olsen (for lack of a better example) don't strike me as the same type, personally. -- g
A5 Re: previous answer. If not the same type, what types they are then? -- Dr Zoidberg
A6 According to, the Olsen twins are not identical but fraternal. Therefore they would not qualify as an example. -- Topaz
A7 I am a fraternal twin, and I'm an ESTp, and my brother's an INTj. Also, most twins I've known are of much different types too. -- Herzblut
A8 [Ref:A7] I wonder how much of that is actually true... -- d-_-b
A9 I wonder how much of {A8} is actually true?!?!!? -- econdude
A10 [Ref:A8] All of it is true. I know myself and these people better than you, hmm... -- Herzblut - ESTp
A11 Much evidence has shown that Personality has a enviromental component that seems to be determined in the first year of life beefore a child develops a sense of self. While Identical twins studies have shown that most of the personality center of the brain can be genetic there are enviromental factors that can alter/adjust a persons personality. -- E (intp)
A12 I am a twin and I am INFp, and he is ENFj (fraternal) -- Jon Michael
A13 I have twin sisters who are identical and are both infp's and I have triplet sisters 2 of whom are identical and one who is fraternal.The 2 of the triplets who are identical are both the same type and the fraternal twin is different,not sure exactly what types they are yet as they are still young.With identicals it is extremely comman for one twin to be more outgoing than the other or they can even take it in turns of one being outgoing for a time then the other taking over. -- Suzzy
A14 i'm an enfp and my twin is an infp. we're fraternal. -- enfp twin
A15 I know a pair of identical twins in which one is infj, the other is istp. The funny thing is that though they look identical, it's easy to differentiate one from the other when u see them in person (based on their facial expression, eyes, and body language etc.) -- miss infj
A16 I know a pair of identical twins, and while I'm not sure of their exact personality types, they're definitely not identical. Both are S, I think, but one is a definite F and the other a definite T. -- somebody
A17 I asked a set of identical twins to check their types... They were INFJ and ISFJ. If it matters, they were 21 years old. -- d
A18 Identical twins come from the same egg and fraternal twins come from different eggs in the mother's uterus. You need to take that into consideration. Type is not determined by parents. You are born with your type. Not too sure if it's determined when you are conceived. -- KZ the ENFP
A19 even identical twins can have different personalities. while the genes are the same, the nutrients each foetus received in the womb can be different, leading to very different growths and thus, personalities. -- Anonymous
A20 I have an identical twin sister, and we are both INFPs. -- Anonymous
A21 well, if brain structure and chemicals determine a person's personality, then twins, even identical, can have different personalities. i believe there are evidence that show identical twins can look different because of their receiving different nutrients as foetuses. an example would be twin-to-twin transfusion, more info: -- disillusioned.
A22 I think the overwhelming likelihood is that identical twins would be the same types, but, I have a well-researched book about twins and it shows a picture of identical twins with the 'whorls' in their hair spinning in opposite directions. Even identical twins don't have the exact same DNA. -- econdude
A23 I am a twin and I am an infj and my sister is an esfj. We are fraternal -- zanny
A24 NO. -- Anonymous
A25 I am an identical twin. My sister is a strong INFP and I am sure that I am an ENFP! -- Anonymous
A26 This may be loosely related, but I once saw on TV a set of male twins that were separated at birth, only later to discover each other much later on in life. On TV, they dressed exactly the same, had the exact same haircut, even the same job! (firefighter). . .[and if I can remember clearly, they also named their dogs the same name]. Some twins have the same type, some don't. Yet I suppose being twins increases the chances of ending up with the same type. P.S. I wouldn't be too sure about the types of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; they may act as diff. types merely for the sake of differentiating themselves more from each other. -- Hcat
A27 Although it could well be true, TV is TV and they will do anything to make it look sensational. There could have been some similarities in twins tastes etc, it is not impossible to think that TV people skewed the facts to make them look exact. -- Anonymous
A28 heckkkkk noooo -- Anonymous
A29 Me and my twin share a very special bond, we're the kind of twins that just "know things" about the other. It's very funny considering we're mirror image twins, we have reversed features, for example: I have a mark to the left of my belly button, where my sister has the same mark on the same spot but to the right of her belly button. I'm an INFP while my sister is an INFJ. Even though we have our differences, I would feel absolutely lost without her. -- Anonymous
A30 I don't think identical twins would necessarily share the same type, since you can share physical features but still have different physical characteristics, which would still validate VI. The Olsen twins are a good example of identical twins who are not the same type -- An INFj
A31 No. ...Honestly, I'm not sure why there's a need to ask, when you can kind of JUST LOOK and notice that MOST twins don't have identical personalities. You never heard of twins where one is all "dreamy and spacey" and the other one is "down-to-earth and sportsy"? That's S and N, right there. -- Anonymous
A32 A31 that is stupid, personality and socionic type are two different things -- Anonymous
A33 me and my brother are fraternal twins and we are different types, he is ENTJ/P and i am an ENFP -- enfp
A34 A33, as you will no doubt know fraternal twins share 50% of genes so a difference of type is to be expected. Monozygotic twins would be expected to show the same socionic type, if of course it is purely genetically based. -- Anonymous
A35 According to the tests I am an INTj. Up to now i have yet to get my twin brother (we are identical) to take the test. I can certainly say, that he would end up as an I*T* ( -- Anonymous
A36 Idenical twins have different fingerprints - this alone proves that they are not totally identical. -- Anonymous
A37 I am an identical twin, and I am an ENFp and my sister is an ENTp. The interesting thing is that the visual descriptions for each of our types work for both of us. For example, her clothes often fit poorly, and I am much more concerned with my appearance and dress like a total ENFp, but obviously since we're identical, we both have inward-sloping twins (an ENTp trait, I believe). I've rarely met identical twins who have the same type, and I've met and typed several. I'd be interested to know more about what causes type differences to manifest in twins, since it's obviously not 100% genetic. Fun fact: our mom is an ENFp and our dad is ENTp, so that explains things a bit. Our little brother is ENTp too (we think), and we're pretty sure our older sister is ISFj. -- Anonymous
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A38 Two of my best friends are fraternal twin girls. They are ISTj and ENFp. Different as night and day. -- Anonymous
A39 This may be a bit old (only three years LOL), but my brother and I are identical twins, and rest assured, I'm an INFP and he's an ENFP. That's really all. 8P -- Drew
A40 Hi, I'm a twin. I'm male and my twin is female. Our personalities are similar, but different. I have the feeling that I am a bit more extroverted than her, but she is way more organised than me. I'm ENFP, and my guess is she's E?FJ. -- Nick
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