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Question #1103067777Tuesday, 14-Dec-2004
Category: Hidden Agenda Functions Models Theory
According to the theory of hidden agendas, I (INTJ) supposedly have a pre-occupation with being healthy. Trouble is, I can't quite figure out how this actually applies to me. As far as I am aware, I have no such obsession! How would the particular hidden agenda manifest itself? -- Anonymous
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A1 Since the hidden agenda is a subconscious process, "obsession" and "pre-occupation" are not the right words to describe it, and because people often do not even realise that they have got it, the hidden agenda can strongly influence their behaviour. Because of the nature of the hidden agenda, people either try to hide it or openly stick it into other people's faces. Both ways are the defensive mechanisms aimed to protect the weakest spot. The first one reads like this: "If I don't show others my Achilles' heel and try to divert any attention from it, others won't know where to hurt me". The second one reads like this: "Instead of hiding, I am going to attract attention to it, so it will lead others to believe that it's my strength". And since the hidden agenda plays important role as the "psychological circuit breaker", the second choice of defence can be quite dangerous, because overriding the safety feature can overload the whole system. For INTjs such limitation is their concern with an internal body functioning. One of the main body functions is food digestion. It starts when food enters the mouth and finishes when the food leaves the body. As a result an INTj may experience great discomfort trying to eat when no one else around them is eating, as in their minds, this may attract unnecessary attention to their body functioning. Exceptions are close friends and family. Being healthy for INTj translates as being physically healthy i.e. when the body works as it is "supposed to". However it could be difficult to define the "supposed to" part. Each body is individual and although there are common body illnesses, there are no two bodies alike. So it would be safe to say that healthy body is physically fit body. -- Admin
A2 The INTj hidden agenda is Si. There are many ways that this hidden agenda can show itself just as there are many ways that an INTj can show use of Ti. Some of the ways Si acts as a hidden agenda include: - avoiding disharmonious surroundings, - finding relief listening to relaxing music, - enjoying calm environments (maybe going for a walk?), - needing to get proper sleep and rest. I for one enjoy taking long relaxing showers. The smell of the soap and the feel of the water have a way of melting away the stress. INTjs aren't aware of just how they are affected by such things until it is pointed out to them by others and even then tend to be sceptical about the real effects of their environment on them. That is why we need our duals, because they naturally take care of this need we have without even making us aware of what they are doing. -- ptl
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A3 Wow! As an INTJ, I must say this is a little embarassing. I used to take hour long showers to unwind...and people thought I was a nut. I also HATE attracting attention to my bodily functions, if I feel others will take notice...this includes eating, ****ing, farting, etc... Sometimes it feels good to let one rip, though, just to let others know you're around haha. -- Anonymous
A4 I am a INTJ/P with a long history of weightlifting as a means of self actualization, peak experience, and to improve/maintain health. The first two also drive my intellectual agenda. I don't maintain health without exercise. My family is my top priority. My workouts usually involve one or two exercises done for max reps and, or sets, done twice a week. -- John R.
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