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Question #1103062311Tuesday, 14-Dec-2004
Category: Theory Drugs
Is it possible for you to be just like another type while you're under the influence of drugs? -- Anonymous
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A1 Drugs are well known for their ability to alter the perception of reality by disrupting ordinary chemical processes in the brain. Stanislav Grof, a pioneer in the field of psychotherapy, prior to developing his revolutionary non-pharmacological method, used small amounts of LSD to influence non-ordinary states of consciousness in his patients. In his numerous works on the subject he mentions that in the non-ordinary states of consciousness it was possible for a patient to associate oneself with another living thing and to experience a different consciousness first-hand. So there is no real reason why it is impossible to feel or act just like another type or a different person under the influence of drugs. -- Admin
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A2 weed makes me very IN cocaine makes me totally ES Hallucinogens make me crazy Don't do drugs, Drugs are bad. And expensive, also illegal in most territories. -- Anonymous
A3 have to confirm A2. about weed and cocaine too. There are people who try and confirm there personality after they have been on life-long anti-depressants...that base-line of E can't be good. Cocaine heads are scorned. On LSD i lost my shame in being an INTP. oh i have to keep this Anon -- Anonymous
A4 Yes, they can bring your inferior functions to live. Also you dont have some kind of human "moderation". It just screw up your mind and you are hardly yourself. -- :)
A5 in trip experience sends u down a path spec to your type. for instance... i am INTP, my drug buddy (until we decided to rule the world with our minds and categorically abstained) an ENTP once related a story.... obviously drugs act to revitalize knowledge (unless u have no personality and drugs is your first experience with personality...which if so.. if u meet this black shepard...u deserve to get what u get...death...idiocy/disease wait till u post 20 and u ar'ent sleeping like a teen...u don't need to make decisions on what drugs will show u which is illusory)...anway...intp and entp... we related a myth we knew from kids... and he had and i had predispositions and knowledge of the whole of the myth in specific to the parts our Info Metabolism were inclined to get. amen. that proves my answer to u. again,, ****ty i have to remain anon. and now u know categorically how i agree to A2 abstainance position, i am to the guy which agreed with A2. good luck. if u should abstain for these current a good foundation...plenty of knowledge and ****... just remember to that the illuminati brainwashes kids with LSD... first be mature...our herital genetics in God is strong enough. goood-bye good-luck too -- Anonymous
A6 The only experience I've had with strong drugs was with painkillers post-surgery. I felt like a ENFp, very talkative, lots of energy, lively, etc. When they wore off I went back to being my old boring self :^( -- An INFj
A7 I wouldn't condemn all use totally, or want to scaremonger. Although I have seen a lot of people go and nearly not come back,fortunately every heavy drugs user I know, eventually came roundand now either abstains totally or takes drugs very rarely. I myself probably lost a couple of years. I can recommend reading The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, for an idea on experimental, enlightening use on mind altering substances. As someone who has done my fair share of experimenting, I can't be judgemental, however it's a dangerous game and you should be fully aware of the risks (which can be very very real) A2 -- Anonymous
A8 A5- Thinking about it, I definately agree with you about going down the path of your spec type. I'm going to ponder this for a while! A2 -- Anonymous
A9 though, in truth...u kids should really be educated about drugs. Choose to do herion and Meth only if u want to die. really...choice of those drugs are death. the e's, the cokes and LSDs fall on the same table. LSD is imposible to get addicted to...however it should never be a first time drug experience. the c is very superficial...people wonder how others get is generally the most expensive. e's may be exciting, but your brain will be exhausted after u take it...sothat if u had to take it within days or weeks again...u are only putting yourself in for trouble. Weed is the lowest table (toxic to rats, not to of the oldest drugs to)...that is really the water...and is the educable one for if u want to learn about stuff. don't mix it with alcohol... u would be spoiling the experience. i took weed as an alternate to alcohol...which i can't understand...why do people regularly fry there livers as such. i am A5 and A3 -- Anonymous
Moderator's comment
So instead of frying your liver you chose to fry your brain, is that it?
A10 @A9, you are telling people to get educated about drugs, when in reality you are only mindlessly repeating what education systems shove down our throats from 5th grade on. I have actually been reading the common research on E and the fact of the matter is, they can't link any real problems to it, and the deaths that occur on it are generally from drinking too much water because you feel dehydrated. LSD, the only fact you give is that a. it is on the same table as coke and herion and meth, but then your fact is that LSD is impossible to get addicted to and shouldn't be a "first time" drug. That is an opinion and doesnt really mean anything. The fact of the matter is, drug education is not what the post was it about and your opinions on these drugs, including alcohol is not relevent to the question. As to the OP, I dont really think that drugs change your type, in so far as they only make you react and see things differently for a short period of time, and in order for a trait to be changed (as far as psychologists consider it changed) it must be internal (not relating to an external cause such as drugs) and enduring (it must last for a long time, as in several years). It is possible to act like another type, but even then i wouldn't argue that it is possible to understand that type simply because you have been under the influence and been like them for a while. I know that wasn't exactly what you were implying, but i figured i would adress that as well. -- Anonymous
A11 I think my last attempt at being A11 was a little too pro-drugs for the moderators liking- had a feeling it would be, but worth a go anyway. I'll try to tone t down a bit this time. A9 speaks from experience, experience is just as valid as scientific research, it's just a different way of looking a things. LSD, not being a first time drug is an opinion, but it certainly does mean something, It's like saying you shouldn't learn to drive in a Ferrari, you can make a long rational arguement as to why that may or may not be the case, or on the other hand you could just use some common sense and realise that it would just be stupid. A10 I think you should learn some respect for other peoples insight into the world, Science is a wonderful thing but there are other equally valid ways of looking at the world, the real skill is learning in what situation we should be using our different functions. I can say from first hand experience that my experiments have helped gain an insight into this, though as you pointed out, not what it would be like to be a different type. I would also like to repeat my warnings from A7 and also recommend the "Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley, Huxley writes in a way that should appeal to all types he is a critical, methodical rationalist (although I know some may say he can be a bit fuzzy), but writes with great feeling, intuition and sense. He is an ideal example of someone who has learned to use his functions to the very best of his ability and I am sure his very controlled occasional use of mescalin in legal clinical conditions played a part in this. In the USA mescalin is illegal, as is the powdered form in the U.K., although the dried cactus can be bought and sold legally. Once again, excercise extreme caution with any experimentation and do so at your own risk, I would not encourage or condone it in anyway. But certainly read the book. Furthermore A10, you accuse A9 of mindlessly repeating what was shoved down your throat during and then you go and mindlessly repeat what you have ACTUALLY read on "the common research". I'm sorry for the personal attack but you really need to grow some self awareness!! King -- Anonymous
A12 I don't know if it is possible to feel entirely as another type but more of swayed to the qualities of other ones.. I'm an ISFP, and when i smoke weed i am definetely more of an N, thinking more about things but still very much an I, and when I take painkillers (Lortab 7.5 and 10 and Percs, I dont do Oxys or very heavy things) I feel, like someone said earlier, more of an ES- Very very talkative and social, wayy more than usual. I would say EN because from where I'm so talkative i can go on and on about my beliefs moreso than when i'm sober, which helps me write alot, but i think that's because of the mood elevation more than actual philosophical thought about them. I imagine if i was a J type, I would be led to feel more like a P under the influence of drugs. I havent done anything speedy besides some diet pills and phentermine, but I would say these definetely make me feel like more of an E as well, with much less mood elevation. Hope this helped =) -- Anonymous
A13 It is definitely possible to feel as an entirely different personality. Normally I have a very introverted unassertive personality (I'm an INTP). When I was on mushrooms I became very outgoing and assertive, probably an ENFJ/ENTJ. Probably related: I became amazing at video games. I was never very good at FIFA, but when I was tripping I completely dominated all of my friends, I could see everything so perfectly clearly and knew exactly what to do. -- Anonymous
A14 I swear...I was like an INTJ or INTP when I was on adderall. -- Anonymous
A15 Well drugs change the way you think, feel, and act so YES -- Anonymous
A16 I feel completely NT when I smoke weed, and acknowledge INFJ every now and then. But every high is different and I feel like a new type most times. And then when I do E the world makes sense and all my problems aren't that big of a deal, and I always think I'm like some 'super ENFp' or some undiscovered super type that understands everything... then it wears off I'm back to me old self. I believe using drugs forces your mind to use its other functions, but makes it easier because you enjoy it. But I'm very picky about what I put into my body, I wont smoke weed unless its cronic or some kind of fire, and E's gotta be Dolphins or pure MDMA. -- ENFp
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