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Question #1103061923Tuesday, 14-Dec-2004
Category: INFp
What's the most narcissistic type? INFp? -- Anonymous
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A42 It's me, the "INFP" of A39. First, simple link to a news on psycho-NEUROlogical study on narcissism to prove my rational point: "The results, which appear in the March issue of Psychological Science, show that narcissists do not uniformly dislike themselves "deep down inside." Rather, narcissists reported positive unconscious self-views in agentic domains and not in communal areas. (= others will never Respect me)" I don't absolutely agree on the concept of personality type, but maybe someday neurology will find hard proof within the (deep core of) brain why still psychological/spiritual archetypes of thinking(head), feeling(heart) and instinct(body) exist and more precisely, why most of the humanity won't fit into one category, as everybody change as they age and usually are everchanging mix of two before mentioned main types. Instinctive body image driven persons are clearly most prone to narcissism aka extremely selfish behaviour, but anyone can become egoistic jerk under right circumstances, usually power is good test how quickly a person becomes corrupt, combine that with desperation of losing that addictive sense of control and here's pretty simple indicator who is the inherently arrogant. As for initial question which socionics/mbti -type is most likely egoist/narcissist ... If Narcissism is considered the endless quest for omnipotent power and dominion over others to prove personal obsession being special, ESTJ and ENTJ are the worst egoists out there, ESTJ is covert narcissist who hides behind lawful mask, while ENTJ is all overt narcissist aggression. -- pNFsNT
A43 what about ENTJ's? They like excessive attention don't they? -- Anonymous
A44 Narcism is defined as the view that something (like respect) is owed to us while self esteem is defined as the view that we are equally good as everyone else. Having high narcism doesn't imply high self esteem. I scored high in self esteem and above average in narcism and I love it According to research, this generation (under 30 years of age) is the most narcissistic generation to walk the face of earth. (We expect teachers to give us good grades by merely going to classes everyday and doing homework etc. Such beliefs weren't prevalent 15 years ago.) It started because of the self esteem movement in california to improve intelligence in school kids as there was a positive correlation between high self esteem and IQ/good grades as well as socio economic status. -- entp
A45 ESTPs aren't the most narcissistic type. ESTJ's are; they like using people for their own needs. -- Steven (ENFp)
A46 Agree with A45. -- INFp guy
A47 Ouch. If anything, INFP's are most likely to be a Narcissists victim. An INFP will Idealize, make excuses for and be susceptable to the ambient mental abuse of a Narcissist. -- Anonymous
A48 Well what are you talking about? narcissism or Narcissistic personality disorder. Which arent necessarly the same thing. Narcissistic I would say any extroverted type with a star quality. think ENTP,ESTP, ESFP. Conscientious "The Right Stuff" Self-Confident "Star Quality" Devoted "The Good Mate" Dramatic "The Life of the Party" Vigilant "The Survivor" Sensitive "The Homebody" Leisurely "California Dreaming" Adventurous "The Challenger" Idiosyncratic "The Different Drummer" Solitary "The Loner" Mercurial "Fire and Ice" Self-Sacrificing "The Altruist" Aggressive "Top Dog" Serious "The Realist" Obsessive-Compulsive Narcissistic Dependent Histrionic Paranoid Avoidant Passive-Aggressive Antisocial Schizotypal Schizoid Borderline Self-Defeating Sadistic Depressive -- infp
A49 To address the original question: Perhaps you are getting confused because of the INFP's characteristic "classy" appearance. As an INFP, I know that I do dress and attempt to appear well-dressed, to the point where I may be overdressed, but this does not stem out of vanity. I am just so out-of-touch with what would be considered "sensible" dress, so I aim to over-dress, fearing if I do not I will under-dress, or appear too casual. Hopefully this helps in your quest to understand the types. -- Anonymous
A50 Types which use introverted feelings are true narcissists. Life revolves around their internal feelings, and to gain control and self-worth in their lives based on those feelings, the outside world must be highly manipulated. * Extroverted sensing, as a function, is hedonistic, not narcissistic. -- Anonymous
A51 Nothing could be further from the truth. INFP = Most likely to be a sophisticate perhaps, but NOT a narcissist. In fact an INFP and Narc would be like the flip sides of the same coin. On the surface there may be trivial correlation but ultimately they are mortal enemies. Like Superman and Bizarro Superman, one is eternally driven to evil and the other towards good. Both are prone to Idealist thinking - the difference being that the Narcissist has no empathy for others and the INFP has nothing BUT empathy for others. I'm not sure any type is more narcissistic. But a T and J combination could leave one more prone to be an intolerant jerk, but not self absorbed. Perhaps ESTP could also be prone to self absorbtion the most? -- Doc
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A52 answer 4 is dead on. -- GiaG.
A53 @A51 I agree with the exception of TJ self-absorption. ENTJ's can be extremely self absorbed/self-serving. It's all about them. They tend to use you, then take all the credit that could of been shared and dump blame on anyone they can. It's all about winning at any cost. End justifies the means. ENTJ's lack empathy and tend to treat people like objects. They are often "self-confident" to the point of incompetence. Frankly, there is nothing more narcissistic than an ENTJ, a type who has to control the world and have everything ordered so that it all becomes an extension of themselves. -- Anonymous
A54 Narcism knows no type. Some types are better at hiding it than others, but one can be a narcisist while crusading for civil rights or while selling ice to Escimos. -- Anonymous
A55 i've only ever known 3 estp types, self centered, lying and cheating was no problem to them whatsoever, but if you tried to treat them in the same manner they'd have a huge problem with it. -- Anonymous
A56 Most narcissistic type I would say, is the ENTJ -- Soma Eater
A57 Narcissistic is one of those overused terms - so much so I can't quite tell what you're even referring to by asking which type is the most narcissistic. In the original sense - preoccupation with and love of one's own actual physical appearance - any Se dominant type would strike me as the most likely. I'd think Se dominants would have the greatest appreciation for how their appearance influences others and if they realized they're attractive, I think they would be quite preoccupied with it. Ni dominants would seem to be the most prone to being "solipsistic." I wouldn't think NPD correlates with anything besides extroversion and possibly not even that. Any type can be narcissistic. -- An ENTJ
A58 Switch the definition of egocentristic and narcissistic and you will be correct. -- Anonymous
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