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ISTj [+] and [-]

If your type is Logical-Sensory Intratim - ISTj (The Pragmatist):

You are excellent at the detailed, meticulous and careful study of any situation. You are a disciplined and responsible person and do not like to waste your words. You aspire to have everything ordered and well organised both at home and at work. You have respect for authority and feel perfectly comfortable obeying established norms and rules. You do not like any form of disorganisation and irresponsibility. You are persistent and persevering when working towards your goals. You know well how to practically utilise reference material. You are a good administrator and always make sure that your instructions and plans are carried out to your specifications. You do not compromise when it comes to fulfilling your duties. You can impose discipline on to others especially those who do not fulfil their duties.

You often have difficulties in maintaining even, stable relations with people. You are given to sudden, rough changes in attitude, one moment being kind and delicate, the next being tactless and pushy. You also have a tendency to appear unrestrained and even rough when in the company of people you know well. Sometimes you can be obtrusive with your problems. You often lack confidence in situations that require the breaking of old methods, especially if there is no clear proof of the reliability of the new method. You can be suspicious to new ideas and propositions that may require an alternative way of dealing with things. In these cases you can become confused, overwhelmed and disorientated.

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