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ESTp Uncovered, When Nobody Loves Me
by I/O

ESTp are consummate snake-oil salespeople who have only one goal in life: to sell themselves or their ideas. If ESTp cannot gain your love or admiration, they will settle for your submission. ESTp are fast-moving and fast-talking, and seek the finer things in life, even though, those things may belong to you. However, ...
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C15 My room is not filled with borrowed junk. On the contrary I pride myself on items I worked for alone, being so stubborn as to refuse items given to me that I should probably take as it's a sign of weakness from me. Would you befriend a person that served you nothing in the friendship but hardships? No! Everyone wants something from someone, whether to be recognized, affirmed, validated, assisted, loved, grow with them, have don't tell me an ESTP does it to get something like it's a bad thing. I think an ESTP at his worst? Yeah, he's going to rip through hell or high water to take what he needs at any expense; but typically i as an ESTP find it very difficult to do anything inherently bad, there's an order to things. As Winston Churchill said, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." Oh wait, he was an ESTP too. ESTPs are very clean cut and tactical minded, taking only what they need to get a job done. We do not over indulge and often break ourselves to accomplish something on our own before even looking around for help, or "money" and stuff from other people. -- ungesehensoldat
C16 Pretty typical INTj rant about how ESTp's are the devil and not to be trusted because our soul purpose in life is to destroy INTj's, isn't it. -- Anonymous
C17 I'm an ESTp, here are my criticisms of this article: -Hoarding things is an ENTp trait, not an ESTp trait. I actually make ENFj's uncomfortable because I pay them back down to the penny. -at least the ISTp article mentioned somewhere in there that they are happy people. This mentions nothing of the sort. -our "rash decisions" only seem rash to outsiders who can't see the flash of thousands of images and weighted options in under a second that pass through our mind when making a decision. From the outside, its as if we just close our eyes, tuck our head and sprint forward without looking where we're going. Not only is that insulting, but no one does that. Not even US Marines. The phrase "rash decisions" implies a complete ignorance of our mental process. We simply think faster than most people without the anxiety clouding our judgement. -I would probably agree with this article if I were raised by orks. -- Anonymous
C18 This was the worst thing I ever read. Thanks for ruining my life -- Anonymous
C19 I hate to say this but it describes my ESTP ex in every sense. He cheated on me with three other girls. I guess I can blame it on his brain lol -- LK
C20 "However, they will eventually squeeze all the fun and energy out of relationships." I disagree. ESTps will stay with a relationship as long as it is fun. When other types try to make things to serious then they leave. Other types might see this at taking out fun but fun for ESTP is joy not work. "They do not care what others are feeling unless they're after something, and when they get it, they usually won't express any gratitude - it's like a conquest." ESTps don't generally care who people feel unless it effects the space in which they live or work. They want people happy but they aren't afraid to anger people if it will move things in the direct in which they see fit. They definitively aren't so callus as to not to express gratitude. They just aren't superfluous like ENFjs or ESFjs. "ESTp remain committed only as long as there is a real impending threat to them, but they will remain totally bored with everybody and everything that is familiar." Commitment has nothing to do with a threat to an ESTp. committed appeals to the ESTp's Ti. ESTps are committed to an idea set in logic. Any threat to an ESTP is going to met with an equal or usual greater threat. -- AB
C21 "They may verbally express words of affection during intimacy but never really mean any of them. They do not care what others are feeling unless they're after something, and when they get it, they usually won't express any gratitude - it's like a conquest" That is actually so wrong. Just because you had a bad experience with one ESTP doesn't mean it applies to all ESTP, so that you have the right to say that those traits describe ESTP because they don't. I never say something I don't mean when it comes to my feelings. It's not that we don't take feelings / emotional things seriously (esp with romance), in fact we do thats why we hesitate and take things slow because we know we're not good at it, unlike logic which comes natural for us. ESTP may seem really confident and strong on the outside but some are probably as fragile and not anywhere near stronger than an INFP. -- an estp
C22 Seriously if all the estp read this we would shut you down. I mean it's terribly offending to be read like this - souless bastards who would take every penny off of you. It's biased, inconsistent and imbalanced!! There are estp's that could be priests as there could be infj's that are serial killers. You either revise your article or you are definitively misunderstood and partially unreliable - which is, Im afraid to say, unreliable. There are good ESTPs and bad as there are good priests and bad. I mean what the hell is "would give you a gift we're done using" man? You find an ESTP cheap? Maybe if you were someone we're trying to show sarcasm to then too bad for you. What an ESTP is is CALCULATING and TRYING TO BE EXACT especially in social settings. We already have a sense of what the outcome should be, it'll only depend on the amount of resources we have and how we'd like to distribute them properly in the process. We're not cheap, we are exact and we are smooth. An ESTP will always try to give you the impression we want you to get. That's what you remember. -- Robocop
C23 As if posting once wasn't enough for me. This article I don't see fit being called an article. Perhaps it should be recalled as Subjective Conundrum into Founded Facts. Conclusively, in my opinion, it is a biased and twisted re-write of the true ESTP article. Unfair and misjudged. -- Robocrop
C24 I would say this is incredibly biased and far from objective. The tone sounds like someone was dumped by an ESTp and is bitter. Lets remember that these are human personalities and no two are alike, experiences and nature enter equally into the equation and this scathing description is laughable and unprofessional. -- Anonymous
C25 This is so nasty and unfair. I hope someone paints a terrible (untrue) picture of you and you get to read a bunch of comments from people getting their jollies out of agreeing with each other about how awful you are. I am 100% ESTP and am a loved wife, daughter, friend and a great asset to my clients. Just because you have a bad experience with an ESTP doesn't make them all bad people. I do not think I have read anything so bitter before. Do you need a hug? -- Anonymous
C26 100% biased. Sounds like this persons heart was broken by an ESTP. We aren't all evil. -- Anonymous
C27 It's articles like this that give people like you our patented "death stare." You CAN feel it through the computer monitor can't you? -- Anonymous
C28 My own personal experience with a female ESTP agrees with every point of the article. And I was really excited about the prospect of finding duality. There is no way I would ever go there again! -- INFJ/p
C29 C28, because you knew someone who went to the dark side, your Jedi knight may still be out there, and is likely an ESTp. -- Anonymous
C30 I am an INFJ/p. ESTp's are my Duals. Depicted in this article is the 'full blown' ESTp. Most people are only partially their type, they have between 50 and 100% of each function of their type. I would mostly agree with the article -it's a little mean but not entirely wrong. Especially the INFps need to know where their Dual ESTP "come from" because they are SO attractive to them, and the concept of Duals is a little deceiving. Most of the times, the ESTp-INFp relationship is one of pure horror. Duality is only possible when these partners have grown to accept responsibility for 1) their own survival (INFps), and 2) commitment to other and feelings of others (ESTps). Often, this will only happen when they are in their late 30, or even later in life. As a rule, we have to accept responsibility for all our shortcomings before we can successfully partner up with someone so different from ourselves as our Dual. If and when this happens, I think the relationship has a good chance to be really exciting. -- The Female INFJ/p
C31 I have known 4 ESTp females and 2 males. Only 1 of the females did take personal relationships seriously. I had a good time with the other 3 females (they were good friends). I did want to get serious with 1 of the females but that did not go well the commitment, is what I think the issue was with her and she had a lot of things going on in her life at the time. But they were all fun people to hang around with for a bit. I have no animosity for this type. -- INTp = INTJ
C32 You must indulge in a contest for among the greatest blogs over the internet. Ill suggest this web website! efgecekcedgbageg -- Smithg124
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