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P stands for Phenomenon
by Sergei Ganin

If you normally decide on someone's type by going - E or I?, S or N?, F or T?, J or P?, then you MUST know this: P types have a misleading habit of showing off their J capabilities to new people. I wonder if this is something P types do without realising they are doing it or they really have a "sinister" plan in ...
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C1 I have known many INFps. But never gotten along with them. Now I understand why. Yes, they have this Introverted Intuition. So called Intuition of Time. But they are always late. Not knowing the clock, to point it out boldly. Forgeting the appointments. Being late an hour or so. I used to think they don't like me. But they did. Untill I realised that they are not bad people. It's just their way of being. It's not their fault. And we are different to them also. So I let them be clumsy. But my relationships have never worked out with them still. They take responsibilitys too easily for me. -- jsb
C2 I see that I must defend Ps here. Sergei, most of them genuinely WANT to be kind and polite. It is just in their nature that it is more difficult for them to be polite and on time. But often they try hard. Many of them even develop love for politeness and tradition as their life goes, sometimes even stronger than some Js. One of my P friends is late from time to time, but on the other hand, he is actually the only one at my department that keeps the rule of telling the teacher beforehand when he needs to leave the lesson earlier. There of course can be some Ps who have a "sinister plan", but I think that is only a small percentage. One interesting thing: I am an ESFP and my boyfriend is an ISTJ, and guess who came late for the first date? Both of us. He forgot his credit card PIN, and I forgot my keys Since then, he has been late something like twice and I three times, so you see there is no big difference here But it is true that Ps grow less official and punctual when they know the person better. Yeah, and Jsb, I know only one INFP, he is the head of my department (I have known him for an INFP three years now). He has as little difficulties knowing the clock as my ISTJ colleague. And as his primary function is introverted feeling, he takes his mission in this world very seriously, including his responsibilities towards students and colleagues. I would say that it is basically true about Ps that they tend not to be polite and punctual, but many of them try hard to be. -- Siili
C3 Thanks for the comment Siili. I think you may have missed the point of this article -> the framed rule at the end of it, which has nothing to do with P-oliteness or that your ISTj boyfriend does not behave like a typical ISTj. -- SG
C4 I got the point about judging on J/P last, I think it is true and useful to make this known. I agree with the factual side of the article. But I then I read the article once again and realized this is a strong J view. So I wanted to add a P view of this. Cause I did not agree with the style of the article, it seemed to me that a reader might get an impression that Ps are always late. If you write that there is ALWAYS an excuse, in capital letters, I think it is a predictable consequence that some P wants to give you an example of the opposite. -- Siili
C5 First of all we don't even know if your boyfriend is indeed an ISTj. But even if he is, what does this prove? That Ps do not behave as described? I'd be curious to meet a P that does not follow this pattern (I keep my mind open for exceptions though ). -- SG
C6 Well I have mentioned the INFP head of the department that is always polite and punctual, and there is also one ISFP friend of mine of the same characteristics, but as I obviously cannot show them to you, seems that I cannot prove anything -- Siili
C7 I've never noticed Ps not being polite, unless you mean they are impolite to turn up late. They don't usually intend it, but if they're like me, they have very little sense of time - it runs at such different speeds! I even have trouble reading the clock or watch face and I have trouble remembering numbers. As a child I was scared of numbers and didn't want to learn to tell the time. I remember at the age of six or seven saying 'I want to live beyond time.' Maybe we have our heads in the clouds more. Js can be late because they haven't considered you to be a high priority - the same with builders. -- RubyENFP
C8 Once more, this article is not about politeness or impoliteness of P types (I would have used this word if I wanted too but I didn't). This article is about deciding on j/p preference last, because P types have a tendency to become more careless as the time passes by. -- SG
C9 I thought it was a very P-erceptive article and I throughly E-njoyed it. I'm a P type, and I've definitely noticed myself falling into that exact pattern. Please try not to hate us, though, it's not so much a matter of apathy as it is a matter of stupidity; we have a much harder time understanding and dealing with the expectations of others. Sometimes they just don't enter the equation. -- ILE
C10 Basically for myself I make a point of being on time and reliable and stuff at the start because this is what society 'expects' of us all. However if I get to know the person better I let my guard down more and I like to think they get to know me as a laid back person with a laid back approach to life in general-which if we both get on I like to think my associates find quite endearing. My cousin is even later than me so even if I turn up late she is still later! (esfp) I guess I just find it fun to be late and disorganised - its going with the flow and no offence but maybe j's could be doing with being less stuffy in this regard, as there's plenty opportunity to be a grown up in our work dominated j world -- Cyclops
C11 I think is better to say: "Endless excuses or poor time management or broken promises or unfulfilled contracts or cancelled jobs - you name it!" A p person manifest only some of this characteristics. -- Alxina
C12 SG can't handle the p - well I said it thats me scrubbed off the site -- ISTperson
C13 @C11. It is the list of some examples, therefore they separated by commas. Putting 'or' instead of commas would mean that it is 'either this or that' which is simply not true, as Ps are usually disorganised not in any one particular area but at least in a few. -- SG
C14 To respond to your question of whether it's sinister, I can tell you that I am a strong "p" (I thoroughly identify with your description, btw, well-written) and I usually don't have a sinister motive. . .I just want people to think I'm competent and capable so that I'm not alienated. Especially in job situations, there's so much emphasis on being PERSON X WHO INCREASES EFFICIENCY AND DOES A GOOD JOB, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! that sometimes I don't even feel that I would be welcome in the *building* if I were my true self. I know I can't speak for all "p" types, but I figured I might as well speak my mind in the event it becomes useful to you somehow. -- EN?p
C15 I have to agree with what you wrote SG. When I start a new job, for the first few weeks I'm the most punctual one there. Then, once I've got their trust, I'll turn up late one day with a fantastic excuse and of course they accept it because I'm the model employee - hardworking and all that. And then it goes downhill from there until I don't even bother giving excuses. But everyone knows and loves me by then - plus I get the results so .... Sounds rather calculating I guess, but really it's just that I know I have to create a good impression and I usu. start off with good intentions to keep it up (I do!) - but all that timemanagement becomes too much to bear after awhile. How do you Js do it? I'd go insane. Though I wouldn't necessarily say that Js get more work done in general. I may work in bursts, but they are bursts of superhuman efficiency in which I'll get ten times more done than if I was plugging away all day. I think workplaces should start catering for us Ps and introduce the 'turn up when you feel like it' workday. That way we might actually turn up at nine, but maybe not... -- ISFP
C16 P's just do that to rebel against the emotional significance of absolutes within without resorting to (which may lead to direct insubordination that is rationalized in favor of clearing the mind of external influence)...they can still be very productive and dependable. -- Shady-Marionette
C17 I think that p types usually show as much j as they can because j characterisitcs are more valued in most aspects of society.Its probably not a sinister plan but more of a desire to either please others with a positive productive impression or it is a longing they have to be organized and productive.It is probably common for people in the work place or for students at school to try to be more of a j person since that is what is valued but they may get burned out over time using a lifestyle that is not compatible with them -- lyl
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