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Ne versus Se
by I/O

Simplicity of life is the cornerstone of the Se psyche, while for the Ne complexity is sublime. Ne will take a leap of faith while Se will first test the water. The sum total of stuff (opinions, feelings, beliefs and judgements about one's external world) accumulated defines who Se is, whereas a contextual understanding ...
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C1 This is interesting, and I hope you get around to doing articles on the introverted counterparts as well. Well done, but could you possibly tell how different types use these functions (for example, do ENTp's use differently than ENFp's)? -- Anonymous
C2 I think that S and N functions exist only to acquire information or skill, which is strictly input to the processing functions of T and F. This processing will selectively filter and operate on the data but I doubt that it actually influences the functioning of S or N. Our resultant 'type' is a mixture of two independent categories of function, one of which dominates. -- I/O
C3 Thanks for the clear and concise article, it was exactly the piece of stuff I needed for understanding the differences between us and Ne -- Ezis (ESFp)
C4 Very interesting. I wonder if there's anything about ethic and logic? -- Anonymous
C5 HAHA! I agree with C3! It was worded wonderfully! As a sensing type it was very easy for me to understand! Thank you for that! -- Curious
C6 Great description. I'm INTj and I have an ISTj cousin. He and I debate back and forth all the time. He argues flawlessly existing processes, but I still somehow seem to show him how they are flawed. And though he may concede that I make good points, it just mere words. His mind and behavior he never bends. -- FranG (INTj)
C7 These over-simplifications of functions (i.e. what they "do" or "don't do") is rotting away at the hull of the pirate ship that is Socionics. Both Se types and Ne types use Ne and Se, respectively, as all 8 functions are used to different degrees on a daily basis. And Se, Ne, or any of the other functions aren't "about" anything; their dominance implies confidence in interpreting and/or conveying that information. Come on. -- GOB
C8 GOB, I agree that my understanding may be an oversimplification but I'm trying inspire dialogue among non experts like myself as well, to get all sorts of perspectives. I also agree that a type comes with all functions; however, a right handed-person is right-handed. I look upon N&S functions as intelligent data collectors/retrievers but I see them as only dealing with data; and T&F rationalize the data to produce output. My articles are meant to present my understanding; part of a self-study process. Consider them as one engineering manager's perspective to this theory and not necessarily as torpedoes to a pirate ship. How many good ideas have been suppressed because people in authority or places of influence thought they were a load of crap? I am very open to correction - providing it is understandable -- I/O
C9 GOB, your post points out a useful bit of information (the fact that nobody is 100% any type), but the way the info was presented wasn't a good way to get it acted upon. If you phrase it aggressively, how do you think the other person will respond? Defensively! Defensiveness has a decidedly inhibitory effect on learning. If you want someone else to learn from what you have to share, you will be more successful if you present yourself as being on their side and wanting to help them. Hopefully, being helpful actually IS your motivation. That would make this a simple matter of demonstrating your true intention more clearly. If being helpful ISN'T your motivation (as may very well be the case if you find my suggestion repulsive) then perhaps you have another goal. Still, did you really accomplish anything (other than venting) by communicating with such hostility? Whatever your goal was (unless it WAS venting), you could benefit from planning your posts more thoughtfully. -- Anonymous
C10 As an ESTp, I whole-heartedly agree with "simplicity of life" being the "cornerstone of the Se psyche." If I were to have a motto it would probably be "Keep it simple, Stupid!" -- Anonymous
C11 C10: LOL Great one, that -- Ezis (ESFp)
C12 I/O,can you make an "example" of contextual understanding of stuffs..because this definition of Ne is abit vague for me. -- Anonymous
C13 C12 - Generally, Ne focuses on how people and things relate rather than the actual details about them. The melody and mood created by a song would be the point of focus more than its notes and words. The circumstances leading to or resulting from an accident would be more memorable to Ne than its details. A process to mend something would be more important than the actual steps of doing it. This does not mean that all details would be overlooked because some of them would be key to maintaining things in context. As INTj, I easily remember the circumstances and outcome of an event but frequently forget who exactly was involved, the date and time it occurred, how people looked, and what each actually said. I unwittingly fabricate details that I forget in order to explain the context that I honestly do remember. Se would consider this fabrication to be lying; however, I view this process more like interpolation – a calculation used to relay the truth. However, I so much appreciate it when someone like an ESFj can fill in the actual details. -- I/O
C14 I/O, that was very interesting:) I love music, and that part about Ne prefering the melody & mood to songs more than the notes & lyrics is so correct! Just don't think u should tell people about the fabrication..they might get ideas. Anyway..a good article:) All the best! -- enfp
C15 yeah i get the idea, i think it holds truth -- entp
C16 I/O, i didn't get the point that Se builds understanding of the world down up ,can you elaborate more ? -- Anonymous
C17 I disagree with the hunter/gather analogy. Suppose to put an Se and an Ne up against an animal, them being totally clueless about what it is, and clueless about how to hunt any animal. Do you really believe the Ne would surpass the Se in performance? I believe Se is more of the hunter/gatherer, as the stereotype goes, they're noted for holding practical knowledge. Whereas the Ne would be a good hunter/gatherer, but not as great as an Se. I'm and ISTP by the way. -- Anonymous
C18 C17, I agree that the analogy isn't the best. I've tried to reinforce the suggestion that Ne, unlike the Se, would likely have to reacquire or reinvent the details of implementation when a situation reoccurs because it's not information that Ne would naturally focus on or remember. However, I wouldn't assume that any one type could best another in a do-or-die situation. -- I/O
C19 I like to think Ne as metalevel perception. You choose your own level work it down from there. If you listen Se people they tend think stuff through action. They see it in front of their eyes and their imagination is probably quite vividly tangible. For example circuit analysis in electronics: ESTp will tell how everything runs through where as I think through gist of it after that some details if I ever go that level of an object in front of me. That was just an example as I don't handle very well nitty gritty details. As how something works is very Te. The thing with Ne is their weakness to see stuff from bottom up. This may lead to miscommunication. It is like: Your way of thinking is wrong because your starting point is this and you went down from there. In logical terms this is probably called not seeing the equivalence. I'm guilty when it comes to opposite. -- Anonymous
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