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An explanation on "childish" and "mature" views in the Socion
by Mihai Militaru

Discovery and knowledge are the vehicles by which children and adults perceive and judge things. Children have very little previous knowledge, their mental processes are based on discovery and experimentation to accumulate it. Adults have a large baggage of information which they use to process information and ...
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C1 I first of all would like to applaud your effort here. My initial problem with the article is that out of the options you provide, they all apply to me depending on the situation. It seems like it is additional dichotomies that are difficult to choose from, and even harder to choose from them than the fundamental Jungian four. -- Anonymous
C2 These "children" have mastered the "adult" ways. In doing so, they see the flaws and what's necessary to rise beyond them through positive insight and action. They are necessarily dissatisfied with the status quo. The "children" you describe create pure value through their competence and genuine improvement from which everyone can benefit. -- Anonymous
C3 Don't listen to the last two guys, they either typed themselves incorrectly or want to be a type they are not. You know who you are, I'll give you a hint, starts with "I" and ends in NTj. Although I myself was under the impression that Deltas were supposed to be the most "Mature" as in, Golden Age, acting like they're 50+ even when they're children. On the other hand, maturity slopes back downwards as one gets older, having less and less to lose. -- Mythikh
C4 I read somewhere that Alphas were the most childish, followed by Betas, then Gammas, then Deltas (the most mature). Was this likely an error? If not, what do you think the basis is for what I read? -- Anonymous
C5 Mythikh, I agree with you. The comparisons were made with the ages of people, not necessarily maturity. And I relate to this view, too. The fact is that older people are called childish and merry by people who take life too seriously. Old people rediscover to live the moment and investigate the environment, although they know how to do things their own way (more than anyone), their perception becomes much more relaxed - for example they are more understanding with any kind of person (including nasty teenagers), without being concerned so much with "who they are" (Se and Ni, the Decisive (Irrational) functions weaken again). It appears to me that this weakening - like you say - is caused that they are not so interested in acquiring things anymore, in identifying "the best", having less drive for such things that are related to Ni/Se. These "mature" and "childish" are subjective perceptions, and oldies are perceived by anybody I know as more silly and not worthy of being taken so seriously. The Delta quadra is perceived this way, too. Mature != old. -- Mihai
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