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My Take on Introversion and Extroversion
by I/O

In many definitions, the word extroversion refers to how comfortable one is socially, and introversion is often synonymous with keeping to oneself. These terms are not meant as such in descriptions of temperament; there, they refer to our system of references. This article will show that introversion is associated with ...
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C1 Beautiful -- Anonymous
C2 My personality test result is ALWAYS INT, with the "P" and "J" having the least distinction of any other category. However, my line of work, however often it changed, always involves customer service. Waitressing, sales clerk, general low-paying, get through college types of jobs. When it comes to my work, most people would say that I am EXTREMELY outgoing, easily interact with customers and not at all shy. At the same time, if I go to my workplace off-duty, I find it difficult to interact socially. Personality assessment is a new field of study to me, and I am trying to identify what gives me the "E" while on the job, but a DOMINANT "I" on the personality tests. -- pafford_a
C3 C2, my theory is that a type will often go into a secondary mode of operation when forced into environments with which s/he subconsciously knows that s/he does poorly when operating in normal mode. Therefore, an INTj may often exhibit ESFj behaviour while an INTp will sometimes appear like an ESFp. I have caught myself exhibiting ESFj behaviour especially at coffee breaks – I call this phenomena the two faces of me:-) -- I/O
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