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Type and the hidden agenda
by Sergei Ganin

Every person has a hidden agenda. This agenda often governs one's intentions and behaviour. People are often unaware of its origin, but can always feel its significance. Some people are more affected by it than other people. Every type requires an optimal condition in which it can function properly. If such ...
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C36 I think C7 is describing transcendence of the types-what probably happens when someone is no longer caught up in the struggle to be good enough, his hidden agenda. Hidden agenda = making up for one's perceived point of weakness. The goals (to be involved, respected, eccentric, etc.) are all rare (innovation, especially) as far as I can see, and seem rooted in believing in one's self and making one's self vulnerable. For an INFp to be level-headed/composed is an achievement because she can be in touch with her feelings and what they tell her, and not be controlled/overwhelmed by those feelings-and be confident enough to share with others and face possible criticism. But I don't see the dramatic side in other INFps; maybe they may hide that part of themselves, as I have. I knew I'd like to be "level-headed" long before I ever saw C7, which, after I saw it, made me consider whether he/she was on to something. The Enneagram personality system discusses transcendence of Enneagram personality types, and has more practical application (healthy stages of a type vs. unhealthy) compared to this socionics site. It's relationship compatibility descriptions are compatible with socionics' theories of duality for comparable types (I'm an Enneagram type 4 and an INFp). I've never read a socionics book. -- Marla (previously learning)
C37 Must say that I hadn't given this hidden agenda much thought, actually it came as a bit of a surprise. Healthy? Now that you mention it, it would never cross my mind to consume great ammounts of alcohol or ever smoke or take drugs, but I've always seen this as a result of my own principles to always be in total control of myself. Also eternal youth has been on my wish list for quite some time, suppose I just fear the day when my body will fail me, or worse, my mind. - INTJ -- Anonymous
C38 This is very accurate observation. As an ENFp, I recognize that my hidden agenda is "to know" or "to be organized." I have always been constantly organizing my life, both mentally and physically, into easy-to-access compartments in order to optimize efficiency. I devour information that relates to the topics regarding simplicity, optimization, and organization. For example, I use the Getting Things Done system everyday and it has made my life way easier. Also, I cannot relate to any of the other hidden agendas, especially the "to love" and "to be loved" hidden agendas. Because Fi is part of my Ego block and is strong, "loving" others and "being loved" by others comes naturally and easily; thus, I give them both no thought. I also don't relate to the hidden agendas as follows - "be perfect" (Ne hidden agenda. Ne is my leading function so i'm already perfect. no need to try ), "to understand" (i have a firm grip on everything), and "to believe" (i firmly believe in myself and in others). There are two other hidden agendas I can relate to, but they make sense when you analyze why. I can partially relate to is the "to be healthy" one. However, this makes partial sense because Si is a part of my super-id block along with Te. It's just that Te is the mobilizing function whereas Si is the suggestive function. With that said, I definitely see Te being a stronger "hidden agenda" force than Si, but Si does have some influence. I can also partially relate to the "be wealthy" hidden agenda (Se), but this is because Se is my role function, and Socionists have already discovered that everybody tries to buff up their role functions. From my experience, it is both the suggestive and mobilizing functions that are hidden driving forces behind human behavior. It's just the mobilizing function that has more of a motivating force than the suggestive function. The role function also has a driving force, but it is weaker than both the mobilizing and suggestive functions. When you think about it all, it's really quite funny. Some people during their entire lives are trying to master the realm of emotions (Fi/Fe) due to those functions being in a weak psyche block, while there are others who have already mastered Fi/Fe during their teen years and will always be stronger in Fi/Fe than the person who has Fi/Fe as their hidden agenda(s). -- ENFPhere
C39 As an ENTJ I would say wealth is just one way our motives can be described. Also noted it is more we seek to accomplish something of value. For less noble minded ENTJ that ends up just being wealth, for others it can be a cause, educational acclaim, etc. But if others are like myself you walk around seeing how things can be made better and seeing how the people around you can be organized to accomplish that with the resources at hand. -- Anonymous
C40 I think that C28 is correct to say that, for me, an ENFj, "to be wealthy" is my goal, but C28 is also correct to say that ENFj will define "wealth" in ways other Sociotypes would not. What I want is a wealth of love and appreciation, to be the actor/performer I naturally am, and to have an appreciative audience. While I only need to get that "wealth" from one person (sx instinctual dominant), I'd love a whole world full of people knowing my name (and either loving me or loathing me, so long as they don't ignore me). For the ENFj, wealth = admiration and applause (and that comes only from performing well for others). -- Kheledon
C41 How did I find this -- Name
C42 I am an INTJ (LII) and I believe the hidden motives of INTJ and perhaps INFJ is "To be dominant". Or basically, "to overcome". (INTJ's and INFJ's tend to value Freedom from insecurity or failures; and success in achieving their goal.) I also disagree with the ESFJ/ESTJ pairing. I believe their hidden agenda is "to believe". (or "to be reassured") Not to "be perfect" Which can only be fulfilled to them by their dual. I also disagree and believe the ISTJ/ISFJ's true hidden agenda is "To be competent". I'm sorry to correct Socionics; but that's what I truly think. I believe Socionics should change the hidden motives of these 4 personality types; to the former hidden motives that I mentioned, prior. -- SomaEater
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