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A Calibrated Table of Correlations for the Enneagram and MBTI systems
by Mark Anthony Rockliff

Working title: "A table of correlations for the eighteen Enneagram sub-types and sixteen MBTI typology types plus two ambidextrous unrecorded types: the ambidextrous S&N and ambidextrous T&F".

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C23 The author here, As I got halfway through reading your comments I felt as if I was looking at a small pack of sheep in a paddock, half-hearted and not at all content with there lot. Except for one black sheep that one furthest that one way up there on the top of the pack. My advice is, kinda need to find a way to become receptive to your own Fascia System and trust utilising that new filter for your inner observer's receptive viewing lens. It is not an easy thing to do and most people will never find that space with because it requires, trading something trusted and relied upon for something not yet known or understood. In other words, the self needs to make the space by allowing their ego to dissipate in order for fascia system to do its job of assisting the mind in process of direct cognitive, receptive recognition. If you get there, you feel your own being as one part of the slit of attention and the experiential of another as the other quota of that split in your attention. The Values are visible you have recognised that which mindful seeked to observe. And you allow your egoic attention your normal minds operating platform your fixated personality to return as the non-dual spit capacity that you gained by splitting correctly as you connected with your hart and allowed your instincts to balance and your egoic mind component to reseed. More of what is real is revealed the self is not distracted by the selfs own egoic minds trance that provides a biased interpretation to comfort and support that which is thought to be understood. At one level the mind protect the self and because of that action self as the inflated egoic personality finds it uncomfortable to glips an awearness of the fact that its identity is a contruct that interprits a smaller view of what is real and in doing so replaces much if not most of what is real. Our expirience but its not quite as real as it could be expirientualy. The lens that creates and makes posible the screening of the egoic trace has a fixed design it as a defolt structual setting and in its most basic form the calibrations above are an accurate identification of the interlock of the primery components. And that basicly it. I know that 99.5% of people who look at that table of correlation will reject it and thats ok by me. what is inportant is that an acurate Table of Correlation exzists and that it there somwere in the public domain for a genuen seeker to find and reference. I have recognised very few people over the 52 years of my life that exersise there innate copacity to conchesly go within let alone go that exsta step and utiles thier Fascia System in the way I have do so. Maybe it requires a catalist that most heathy people dont have acsess to. Just thought i would check in to see if my correlations were still acsessable via google serch engine. Cheers, and enjoy the grass. Mark Rockliff -- Anonymous
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