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Which type makes the best liar?
ENFj - The Actor232228.9 %
ENFp - The Reporter5446.8 %
ENTj - The Pioneer3864.8 %
ENTp - The Inventor95311.8 %
ESFj - The Enthusiast2032.5 %
ESFp - The Ambassador3704.6 %
ESTj - The Director2132.6 %
ESTp - The Conqueror83710.4 %
INFj - The Empath2723.4 %
INFp - The Romantic3294.1 %
INTj - The Analyst5637.0 %
INTp - The Observer3984.9 %
ISFj - The Guardian891.1 %
ISFp - The Peacemaker1201.5 %
ISTj - The Pragmatist1541.9 %
ISTp - The Artisan2913.6 %
Total Votes: 8044
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C78 I get the impression, by the way people voted, is that a lot of the voters more answered the question, "Who is more LIKELY or more PRACTICED at lying?" instead of who would actually be BEST at it, heh heh. I actually voted ISTj - even though I believe they're probably one of the LEAST likely types to lie. It's easier for T's to "break code" & not feel as guilty about it as F's, and they can generally answer counter-questions with better/easier logical reasoning & explanation that F'S (esp if T is their main function of confidence). j's tend to have a plan of execution in the CYOA dept moreso (esp Ij's whom are all categorized as "Planner" types) than p's whom are more apt to adapt & "wing it" as necessary, making it more difficult to remember slight permutations of (& cause more inconsistencies in) the same lie if they should ever have to keep up the lie's appearance with more & more people the longer the lie has to be maintained. j's want more consistency in that lie/story in order for it to be easier to remember if they should have to tell it again later. I's have more of a tendency to rehearse what much of what they're going to say to other people, beforehand, than E's, whom are more confident in going along as needed as social situations arise. This allows the I to more naturally execute & perfect whatever lie they're going over in their head again & again before they finally execute it to their best perfection when telling it to their audience. I's also tend to have less variance/more consistency & monotony of expression (esp if Ij) than E's. The more expressive E's facial expressions & intonations are 'easier to read' than I's (IT's are notoriously difficult to read). And finally, as my mom once told me (and that I've learned by watching NCIS), "the key to a good lie are very specific details & accounts". These details are what ultimately make the lie/story appear more 'truthful' & credible. S's are generally better practiced at and remembering a lot of specifics than N's are. Also, of all the personality types, ISxj's naturally have a bigger 'warehouse' of [facts & figures] information from they naturally store all that info. So, as long as ISTj's KEEP their pristine reputation as being truthful to others & hardly ever lie to people, to begin with, then-considering the rest of their natural abilities-ISTJ does, indeed, make the best liar, because why should others believe that they WOULD lie if they 'almost never do'? (Btw, my mom is an ISTJ, & I picked up a few of those tricks. I should know.) -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
C79 ENFjs might make the best liars, but ISFp is much more likely to lie-just to avoid conflict. ENFj is very open with its feelings and opinions. It dislikes lying. ENFj wants to be genuine. ISFp wants to hide. ISFp prefers to lie and hide and obfuscate-just to avoid conflict. This creates a lot of trouble for ISFps. They're not reliable. They often fail to keep their promises. This may also explain why they seldom have many friends. It may also be why they're paid less than any other Sociotype. They are not perceived as reliable, and they certainly won't volunteer for extra work. They may be elegant, charming, and amiable, but I can't actually believe a word that ISFp says about anything if there's any chance whatsoever that ISFp is trying to avoid a conflict. -- Kheledon
C80 Everyone does it. But the person who I catch doing it the most is my ESTp dad. Highly image-conscious and never wants to feel the vulnerability of failure/weakness. I've called him out on it but he just goes on a rage instead of admitting to it. I'm an ENTj and admit I lied a lot (especially as a kid). Mainly to fit in or get out of awkward social situations. I got caught a few times, most of them being from my investigative ISTp mom. -- Anonymous
C81 ILI (or, in that pitiful MBTI-style terminology, INTp), is obviously the best liar. The PoLR gives them no qualms about it and the lead makes them focused on the consequences of actions, along with creative making it easy for them to turn facts on and off, so to speak. EIE/ENFj could probably keep up a specific lie over time better due to Ej temperament but will have more qualms about lying in the first place. -- Anonymous
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