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How helpful have you found knowing the Intertype Relations?
Very helpful116048.2 %
Somewhat helpful84034.9 %
Not helpful2379.9 %
Intertype what?1646.8 %
Total Votes: 2405
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C44 Jungian personality types is empirically proven. Intertype is stupid because what makes the true bonds of human relations is the shared moral values. People who feel unconscious attraction to other people (e.g. because intertype match) are immature people; that is, people who donĀ“t know themselves. -- Pseudoscience for immature people
C45 Huh? What about people who feel unconscious attraction to people with intertype mismatch, are they mature then? Why? -- Anonymous
C46 This has ruined my life. I base everything around socionics and MBTI. Every where I turn I'm trying to figure out peoples MBTI type. I research this stuff daily. It's insane. -- ENTP
C47 Oh my god, this theory is a goldmine! It has helped me to understand people and relationship dynamics. -- Expander
C48 I knew I was in a great relationship before this but didn't know it was THAT good -- Izzy
C49 Aaah, I hate that I place more trust on these theories than I should. I'm ISFP and I do find myself getting along with my ENFP brother and friend well (my supposedly semi-duals). The theory was spot on about my relationship with my INFJ friend at the beginning. But now that I understand her more, I freaking love her and we're very close despite our different approaches to life. -- ISFP
C50 I fail to see the relevance of this in interpersonal relationships aside from its obvious use in bringing certain traits to one's attention in the first place. Until the system is more refined, actively applying such classification would seem counterproductive. -- Anonymous
C51 C46 is too right. its completly engulfed my thinking wen talking to people. they say men think about sex every second, i think about my and other peoples types ever half second. i get so sucked in to point tht i stay up for hours researching every little bit of information on this topic. i cant get it ot of my head and its starting to take over my life.its gotten so out of hand and its starting to just psychologically exaust me. I type out everyone i talk to, everyone i see. -- ENTp
C52 I find it funny that you guys are talking about "getting along" with your duals better. That is not the case. The case is the dual cause the least amount of discomfort because they are naturally protecting your weak side. Also your not going to see the benefit of the dual until you move them in and out of focus in your life to see the benefit. Stop looking at how well you two get along and start looking at how you two together benefit each other== There is a huge difference between the two. Stop changing the reality of the theory to fit your mind, but your mind to fit the theory. I.e I am ENFP who runs a business and I don't make nearly as much money as I would with out my ISTP. My INTJ he's well fun, but he needs to grown down a little bit. -- Anonymous
C53 Socionics, typology, personality types have been helpful for me to see how much other people are on an ambivalent journey to CONSTANTLY attempt to define themselves. The truth for me is the more I put other people and myself into these personality boxes and try to create a formula for social interacting the less I understand the true potential of the human mind. I'm not trying to sound pretentious I just do not think this can be anything similiar to an objective study. People seem to carry their own definitions of types based on their own intepersonal relationships. I believe you can only study a perons' type by reading about them because once you are aware of a person relative to yourself the nature of the human's behavior is shifted and skewed because people naturally try to adapt to one another. Humans crave balance not dissonance. My point being I like the idea of everybody defining others in their own light, then everybody is an anomoly. It's much more creative as well as thought provoking. -- Anonymous
C54 Intertypes I believe is a horrible determinant of people's relationships. It fails to justify anything logical about the relationships between two types. Also, it strives to generalize information about one type and fit it into another one. And it misses an extremely fundamental aspect of the two types relationships: the difference in control. The interaction of people depends a lot on their environment rather than how they are destined to act to each other. In different settings things will surprisingly be carried out a lot differently. I've known people of the same types and one I've found completely unbearable to be around and the other it was not as discomforting. Social relationships can completely vary. -- INTP
C55 I like turtles -- Anonymous
C56 It has been helpful, but the descriptions/titles of many of the types are swapped with their quasi-identicals. It doesn't not make sense to call types with dominant functions "judging", the probelm is that the site has the MBTI titles on the socionics descriptions, except for INTJ and INTP. Here is an example to make that paragraph less confusing. According to the theory of socionics: ISTJ ([Ti] ) would have a dominant thinking function, have a dual relationship with ENFJ ([Fe] ), and be accurately described as the Artisian. The whole socionics theory breaks down if this distinction isn't made... Am I missing something, or does everyone else see the same thing? -- advid follower
C57 no i wouldnt like to add anything -- Anonymous
C58 INTp here. Just met my dual. Keep on being weird, weirdos! -- Anonymous
C59 I'm an LII and one of my best friends is SEE, so I could tell right from the get-go that the system is more than a bit presumptuous. -- Anonymous
C60 Really dislike the theory. Not backed up with evidence or statistics and encourages people to break relationships with others just because it isn't ideal. Also, one of my best friends is SEI. -- The cake is a LIE
C61 C9: Calling Socionics "the word of Jung" is like calling the Spanish language "the word of the Romans." It's a completely different system, as far removed from Jung's original work as MBTI is, only in different ways. -- Anonymous
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