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Which Type would make the best parent?
ENFj - The Actor172620.3 %
ENFp - The Reporter4715.5 %
ENTj - The Pioneer2372.8 %
ENTp - The Inventor3173.7 %
ESFj - The Enthusiast6437.5 %
ESFp - The Ambassador1952.3 %
ESTj - The Director1722.0 %
ESTp - The Conqueror1441.7 %
INFj - The Empath126514.8 %
INFp - The Romantic6908.1 %
INTj - The Analyst4665.5 %
INTp - The Observer3734.4 %
ISFj - The Guardian95911.3 %
ISFp - The Peacemaker3924.6 %
ISTj - The Pragmatist2492.9 %
ISTp - The Artisan2212.6 %
Total Votes: 8520
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C70 INFjs want nothing more than to be up their childrens' asses as far as possible - to the point of utter hatred against the INFjs! My INTp boyfriend's mother is INFj, and all 4 of her children hate her. I'm INFP, and I hate her as well. But she loves her INTp son, whose hidden agenda is to love, the most. Go figure... She jokes that her children are "in the CIA", because they avoid her like the plague. Hahahahahaha Stupid psycho bitch! -- I'm so tired of her. Sigh!
C71 INFJs are tough parents. If you like discipline, this is the type to vote for. Believe me, my mom's also an INFJ. If you want to get away with anything, you better take all steps to conceal your actions. There's a 99% chance she'll find out what you did anyway, though... Yet, they have their good parts. Very attentive, want to make their kids the best they can be. Even if they expect us to be perfect. -- An INTP
C72 I voted INFJ because we are the most caring, emphatic and nurturing people of all, and we love to help our children reach their full potential, regardless of their type. I think that's the most important thing a parent can do - respect that their children are different from them and let them develop into their own respective type. That, and to teach their children right from wrong, and INFJs do that too. I think INFJs would make the best parents, but all types need to be aware of and develop their weaknesses and/or have a partner that complements them in some areas. For instance an extraverted, spontaneous and unafraid partner with an INFJ, since INFJs tend to be a bit over-protective and too careful, which might lead to overly cautious or annoyed children . Given that INFJs only make up 1% of the population though, only a few will be privileged with an INFJ parent, and I think that most people who call themselves INFJs are actually mistyped, or else we would make up at least 10% of the population. It would be nice if it were so, but sadly it isn't. I think there are good and bad people in every type though, and if you're bad you're not going to be a good parent, regardless of your type. So any good, well-intentioned person could be a good parent, regardless of type. I think the best of all would be the INFJ though, but of course I'm a bit partial -- Cat
C73 I think ISFP would undoubtedly be the best parent. I mean read the descriptions! They Literally get pleasure from taking care of others! But not like an ESFJ, ENFJ or ISFJ where they expect that kindess reciprocated or want that done to them. I mean we are talking about ! Thats the exactly what children need from a parent. -- Anonymous
C74 Yet another poll that's trying to fit a Square into a Star. Best Parent? There is no single type that would make the best to every type. Good Parenting is more complex than your kids thinking you're a "cool" parent because you let them do whatever the hell they want or running your house like a Military Camp. Improving the next generation in multiple aspects of life is what I think it all comes down to. Figuring out your child's weaknesses/strengths and helping to improve them. To answer this question you'd have to be provided multiple factors regarding each individual parent-child relationship. But a nice start would be Duality Parents. That way they'll have a well-rounded atmosphere. So whatever one parent can't contribute the other can. I don't necessarily agree with duality working as a long-term relationship but logically it would be ideal for raising kids of various types. IDEALLY for those whom conceived a mistake on a night of intoxication in the back of a Toyota. Then try to mend that mistake by making another stupid one via marriage. Eventually getting a divorce once they come to a mutual understanding of the unhealthy environment they've created and agree to joint-custody. Then again, this could backfire depending on the child; if one of the parents happen to be their conflicting. So once again there really is no picture perfect or "best" parent. Being an INTJ, I never really cared for all the korny emotional sh** of parenting. Rare occasions I found it tolerable, but overall it was rather overwhelming. So F types probably wouldn't make the best parents to T's; and vice-versa. Think there needs to be a balance in a "perfect" parental environment. Example: Having a Primary parent to guide a T's Thinking preference and a Secondary parent for occasions that T needs emotional support. That or having one extremely balanced parent. You also have to take into account other factor beyond type. Such as the parent's maturity. A lot of parents shouldn't even be parents. When roles change and the kid becomes the adult and the adult becomes the kid you have serious problems on the horizon. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
C75 Hahahahaha, everyone on this website has it all wrong. The best parent would easily be an ISTJ - they are the most responsible people. And they are introverted, which means they can understand feelings; better than an ESTJ, despite being strict. For some odd, I can't believe that ENFJ or INFJ are winning. (ISTJ often work in law enforcement. They also value traditionalism.) -- Soma Eater
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