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How certain are you of your Type?
I am convinced I know my Type478862.1 %
I know part of my Type133217.3 %
I thought I knew my Type but now I am not sure103513.4 %
I don't know my Type4495.8 %
I don't want to know my Type941.2 %
Total Votes: 7711
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C69 This poll in itself does show that people have tastes, ways of doing things, or personalities if you will. The reason for this is unclear. Nobody knows why people are people. We can call it human nature. The desire to know were we fit. I think there is only one personality for everyone and it is that we are all a combination of every type in some shape or form which really means none of us knows our personality. I will explain. This poll has 5 votes (answers or outcomes). Anyone at any given time could vote for any of the selections, honestly. Just because Sarah, for instance, voted for the same one every time doesn't explain anything besides that she did vote for the same one every time. Let me break this down by the 5 outcomes on this poll. Outcome-I am convinced I know my type. This outcome should be-I THINK (for reasons unknown) I am convinced I know my type because I want this to be my type. Just because you want to show you're in control and know yourself and want that type doesn't really mean that you are that specific type. The second outcome-I know part of my type- Well if you know part of your type then really you don't know your type because you would have to know your whole type to even know part of it. The third outcome-I thought I knew my type but now I am not sure- well if you are unsure of your type then you do not know your type. Same reasoning as the second outcome. The fourth outcome I'll come back to. The fifth outcome-I don't want to know my type. Well yeah you do want to know your type it's just you know that its all bullhorn so even if you did know your type you still wouldn't know it so this whole thing doesn't really matter. And the fourth outcome-I don't know my type should be the only outcome because it is really the only answer. And that is that there is only one personality for everyone and it is that we are all a combination of every type in some shape or form which really means none of us knows our personality. It's okay to not know. It's human nature. We are all in the same boat. -- Chris
C70 I'm having that well-known "INTx" thing. While I am pretty sure that I am an INTp, more than many times I would find myself acting as an INTj. -- INTx
C71 @C4 Those 2 are easily mixed up and are very compatible. I am an ENFP and my best friend is an ENTJ. I think to decide just objectively ask yourself if you act impulsively due to feeling, such as break items or throw things in frustration. -- Anonymous
C72 I bleed ENTp -- Anonymous
C73 so sure i'm an ENFP. (: -- an ENFP
C74 I am an ISTP -- Anonymous
C75 E and I are the most difficult part of figuring out my Type. I'm content to keep to myself, but I don't get uncomfortable in large groups. I can be very talkative, yet a lot of the times I'm also very quiet and off in my own little world. So other than some slight confusion on introversion versus extroversion, I'm positive about my Type. -- Mel, E or INFp
C76 @ c21 it is not pinpointing individuals EXACTLY but vaguely. it is like saying every human has two eyes one mouth one nose and two ears is not accurate because there are different colors and shapes. btw i'm estp @c26 what type are you? and i do agree that you are or ur not a certain type. -- Amanda
C77 Alternate between ENTP and INTJ. Rather bizarre, because there are many conflicting traits with those typecasts.It's likely that they morph depending on a person's current disposition. In episodes of depression and instability, I lean toward ENTP behaviour. Food for thought. -- Anonymous
C78 I'm very certain that I am an ISTJ. I've reviewed various descriptions of this type from a variety of sources over the years, and none of the other 15 types seem likely to apply to me. -- Anonymous
C79 Sure I'm ISTP... The characteristic blank facial expression, family always said I was very serious as a younger kid, I have no understanding of emotion (wow this is getting depressing). I always tend to be pragmatic and do things in my best interest. No long term thinking/planning and I find it very difficult to make tactful decisions. How my decisions affect other people almost never cross my mind... -- Anonymous
C80 I'm an INFP EII 9w1 ...very comfortable with this too. Your site has me as either IEI or ILI which by description does not fit me at all. Given all the various tests I have taken, this site is the only one that gives me a conflicting result and one which description does not fit me at all. I do not place too much weight on your test because of that. Socionics is great but I think you may have to work on your tests a little. Being a Ni dom versus Fi dom is very different. Ni dom I am most certainly not... [Ne] -- Anonymous
C81 I'm INTP, but I'm not sure for this -- Anonymous
C82 I've scored INTj on here, but also got "likelihood %s" on next four runners-up: 95% as likely to be INTp, 90% as likely ISTp, and 88% as likely ISTj. 44% as likely to be ENTp. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
C83 I have no idea what type I am and I've been studying this and researching for YEARS and still can't figure it out. On the various MBTI tests, I have typed pretty consistently as an INFP. However, the descriptions of that type do not fit me. I don't care about 'values' and I don't consider myself 'idealistic' in the least. The INFP personality descriptions just sound too 'fluffy' and 'sweet' to me. I'm not someone who is overly concerned about morals and 'doing the right thing'. I think morals (or what is right/wrong) are totally relative. My values/morals (or lack thereof)/perception of right and wrong can change on a daily basis. I typed as INFp on the Socionics test. That description does fit me better... but I find the 'Romantic' title slightly off-putting. I'm not totally devoid of romantic traits, but I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a 'romantic', either. I guess when I was younger, I may have been, but I've become tired & jaded over the years. A couple of times I have typed as INTP (MBTI) and I once typed as ISFP. Recently, I started thinking that ENFP might be my accurate type, but then I studied some information on an INFJ and I saw much of myself in that type, too... ugh! This is driving me nuts. I seriously need some help. A couple of times, I have typed as an INTP -- Miss Jessica
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