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If you could change your Type, which would you choose?
ENFj - The Actor146916.2 %
ENFp - The Reporter4384.8 %
ENTj - The Pioneer7688.4 %
ENTp - The Inventor6927.6 %
ESFj - The Enthusiast1681.8 %
ESFp - The Ambassador2242.5 %
ESTj - The Director1661.8 %
ESTp - The Conqueror3854.2 %
INFj - The Empath3834.2 %
INFp - The Romantic3353.7 %
INTj - The Analyst6106.7 %
INTp - The Observer3543.9 %
ISFj - The Guardian941.0 %
ISFp - The Peacemaker1421.6 %
ISTj - The Pragmatist941.0 %
ISTp - The Artisan1751.9 %
I wouldn't change it259328.5 %
Total Votes: 9090
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C53 I like being an INFp but if i got to pick it would be ENFp. I picked it cuz it's still NFp but with more energy and social skills. -- Anonymous
C54 If i were to change i would choose NTP.Am an ENFP but i dont like the emotional side of it.I would love to be more rational,unemotional and be more at ease with conflict. -- Anonymous
C55 I am an infp and i chose entp. it seems to me they are like me only louder and not so complicated -- Anonymous
C56 BEAUTIFUL ISFPs! -entp -- thomas
C57 I'm an ENTJ from a factor analysis perspective, and an ILE (ENTp) from a socionic internal model perspective, and I gotta say, I wouldn't change a damn thing. -- Anonymous
C58 i chose isfp because they're good with people + i read theyre best at enjoying life -- Anonymous
C59 i like me [entp], but the idea of being an isfp seems more appealing; but this may be because i can only see what it's like from the outskirts. i have interesting ideas and things to say and do but my people skills dont get me where i want to be and my ideas tend not to get realised for this reason -- th
C60 Oh I've walked in the shoes of an INTj and an INTp before finally figuring out I'm an ENTp. Being introverted is depressing. Upon reflection of all of my relationships, I've known a lot of ISFps with whom it just didn't work out. The reason: trying to be an introvert, strong silent type when you're actually a leader world-shaper type. So as a newly rediscovered ENTp, having seen the other side, this is the zenith and it doesn't get any better. I <3 you ISFp types, you laugh at my jokes and make me feel like I'm in control, which is probably true. Getting all the stupid out of you helps you stabilize a bit. "You are the anchor that allows my spirit to soar" -- Mythikh
C61 marbles, stopped, and, cruel -- Anonymous
C62 just be an entp with lesser p and more j ,that's fine.if not, i'm still contentedi -- entryphone
C63 I love being a INTP, for the most part, but if i could choose INFP. -- Jasmine
C64 I wish I was a combination of ENTJ and INFJ, alas, I am an ENFP. but I think that itself is a pretty good midway point -- Liam-ENFP
C65 I think I would choose either ESTp or ESFp. I have an ESTp brother and a ESFp girlfriend and I am jealous of their social/people skills. However I'm fairly content with being an ISTp so I guess I rather change only when I need those social skills. -- Anonymous ISTp
C66 I chose INFp. They are so pure. -- Anonymous
C67 I rather enjoy being an ENTP. I'm rather absentminded, but in the end, it's good stuff -- Emily
C68 INFP wishing he was INFJ. Then I could make a bloody decision and get shit done! So perhaps a this is the closest The Idealist can come to "I like it the way it is". Just, slightly more. -- Danny McCaffrey
C69 ISFP. good fashion sense, fun, introversion gives depth, good people skills, not stuck up -- th
C70 Je suis INTP. Et je choisis le meme, INTP. If I had to, I'd go straight for ENTP, but the thought of needing other people to gain energy, and needing them to listen to every idea... -- INTP girl
C71 An ENFP does run your country? Obama!! -- Anonymous
C72 C47, I'm a female INTJ and I can tell you it's not easier. I can be seen as too aggressive in my one-on-one relationships and also as cold or aloof to the social wants and needs of others. Also, INTJs can have that same ENTJ desire to control others or be liked in order to get what they want... except we are not able to make it happen. All that being said, I love being an INTJ. I don't like being an INTJ *woman* so much, because finding men who don't mind my more "masculine" personality traits is difficult. Also, as an introvert, it's hard because female friendships usually take place in groups and require some amount of extroversion. But I love the way I think, the way I view things, and the work I can put out. Perhaps it's my INTJ ego talking, but I wouldn't change. (Then again, don't INTJ's *always* think they're right about everything...?) -- Anonymous
C73 I'm INTp,and my ideas, projects remain to be a plan for many years.I know if I were more extraverted I could do something with it.they often say me I miss opportunities...well, I look like my type. but I don't like my duals :/ (excuse me for my bad English) -- Ida
C74 I am sorry guys . I can't hear you over how awesome intp are -- Anonymous
C75 Why would anyone want to change their type? :S -- AHappyENTP
C76 How weird that some people want to be an ENTp... To be honest I don't know why they would be an ENTp. Normal people don't like weird people or being weird. I'm happy to be an ENTp, because it's more interesting to interact with weird people - and nearly all people appear weird to you if you're an ENTp and everyone thinks you are weird... even other ENTps. -- ENTp
C77 i've always tried to be an infj, thinking they were the perfect type. i've taken the test a hundred types but always score intj. i would just like the overwhelming compassion i feel from my infj friends. before i knew an infj, i assumed everyone would like that type. i think also being a woman-even though i consider myself a very strong woman internally, i thought i would get more dates with guys if i acted more like an f. but being who you aren't is just a path to destruction of not just yourself but parts of the world. and life is short. so eventually maybe i'll accept my intjness.-intj -- Anonymous
C78 I am an ENTJ, I like it the way it is. I do have hard time with people, even with friends and close one. Also I'am very straight forward can't think of tricky ways. But I feel I can do a hell lot of work, thats what I like. I do admire ESTJ but don't wanna be one. -- Anonymous
C79 I am a proud INFj bt i have difficulties in breaking unwanted relationships -- Psy4
C80 So I'm the firt ESTJ to post here, and I can say that I wouldn't change my type. Yes, we can be very stubborn and we are easy to hate sometimes, but I love being a realist person, it helps to make decisions. I like being perfectionnist too. And C78, even if I'm a sensor, I totally understand you. We seems to have similar problems. I really admire you ENTJs too, but I prefer to be an ESTJ, for the reasons I explained before. -- Marie
C81 As an ENTP I am very happy with my personality...As previously mentioned we are good at neearly anything we set our minds to, not to mention creative and the most compassionate of the T's. The ENTx's intelligence paired with our excellent social/conversational skills make us really interesting people to be around... though thats not to say that all NT's aren't great, because we are! Too bad there aren't more of us -- Female ENTP
C82 i love all the ENFPs saying how happy they are to be ENFPs. afraid i'm one of em. (: i love being the moody, too emotionally involved, manipulative boy i am. -- an ENFP
C83 People actually WANT to be INFP's? Who would want to be that? -A Self-Deprecating INFP -- Anonymous
C84 I am very much a peacemaker....I have always been the one in my family that tried to keep each other from fighting and aruging. Couldn't even get together on holidays without someone in the family hateing someone else in the family and did not want them invited to Holiday functions.... -- Lura Thuneman
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