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If you could change your Type, which would you choose?
ENFj - The Actor146916.2 %
ENFp - The Reporter4384.8 %
ENTj - The Pioneer7688.4 %
ENTp - The Inventor6927.6 %
ESFj - The Enthusiast1681.8 %
ESFp - The Ambassador2242.5 %
ESTj - The Director1661.8 %
ESTp - The Conqueror3854.2 %
INFj - The Empath3834.2 %
INFp - The Romantic3353.7 %
INTj - The Analyst6106.7 %
INTp - The Observer3543.9 %
ISFj - The Guardian941.0 %
ISFp - The Peacemaker1421.6 %
ISTj - The Pragmatist941.0 %
ISTp - The Artisan1751.9 %
I wouldn't change it259328.5 %
Total Votes: 9090
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C1 why did you choose that one? -- Anonymous
C2 I chose ENFp, because they seem like they can do everything I wish I could. -- Anonymous
C3 i'm happy and very proud to be me; an ESTp -- Atiqah
C4 Entps are good at everything i noticed. -- Anonymous
C5 i like ENFP and am glad to be one. -- Anonymous
C6 to every positive there is an offsetting negative so no matter what type you choose you'll be screwed. i rather keep my type and improve. -- infp
C7 entj's are the best judges, always find the good in anyone, and make the most money! -- Anonymous
C8 I chose istp because they can do most things, they are well liked and can also fit into an extroverted world but still have more depth due to their introverted thinking -- ENTj
C9 I like my own type, infp, because although it can be difficult to put myself out there, at least as i am now i am know what i am dealing with and what i need to work with... -- Anonymous
C10 C9 the same could be said if you were any type. Your answer sucks. -- Anonymous
C11 INFP and I wouldn't change it. -- Anonymous
C12 ESTp - I want to crush other people beneath my heel. I want to look into their eyes and know that they fear and respect me. I want total power. Is that so wrong? -- Will
C13 If your names Will(iam) and your wearing heels, then yes some may say that it's wrong -- Cyclops
C14 I'm not really sure if I would completely change my type, but I would change certain aspects of it. I would want more N than I have already so I could be more innovative and creative. Maybe just a little more j, so I would procrastinate less, but just a little. (my type is intp) -- Anonymous
C15 gah! I find it impossible to understand half of your comments. MBTI: INTP Socionics: INTj that's not a "misunderstanding" flip, that's what my personality type -actually- is. A Philosopher. I wouldn't change my type for anything. If i did, my wife wouldn't like me, let alone love me. More to the point though, I love knowledge and truth, and to change my type would remove both my ability to find it as well, and my ability to enjoy it as much. -- Anonymous
C16 I'm proud to be an ISTj - wouldn't change it for quids! -- Anonymous
C17 esfp males get all the girls..just something to keep in mind.. -- Anonymous
C18 ESTP males get all the girls... that's why I won't date them. They've always been "around". -- INFP --> PharmD
C19 I would be an ISFj. Their lives can be difficult, yes, and maybe they're taken for granted ...but their moral clarity and conviction to do the right thing is admirable at worst. To care so deeply, strongly and effortlessly is a (perhaps underappreciated) gift. -- Anonymous
C20 That makes me happy what Anonymous said about ENTj's below. I am one and I voted to not change. That is true about my judgment and seeing the good in everyone. It is encouraging that my judgment might help me make a lot of money. Thanks! -- Renee
C21 Funny thing C8 wants to be an ISTP because I chose ENTJ. Reason: it uses pretty much the same functions as I do, though have more vision, are more productive and have a natural sense of justice. Though I really like my type, I sometimes wish I had more faith in the future. So I'd answer ENTJ or No change. -- an ISTP
C22 ENTj - no change plz -- Anonymous
C23 Funny question, but then again I have to adimit, from time to time I want to be an extrovert, because they seem to get along much better in life - they are more energetic, more optimistic, more balanced, I think. I want to live more "in the moment" than in future and past, stop worrying, get things going, get along with ppl and so on. I am INFx, I chose ESFp here because of the name "the ambassador", well, ENFj (the actor) or ESFj (the enthusiast) would have been cool, too. I guess it is a hint that I should work on my 3rd and 4th function, as soon as I have figured them out, just to become a real cool INFx. -- Anonymous
C24 I am an ESFp and I wouldnt change it. But I would like to be an ISFj or an INFj for a few days, they are so easy-going and have such an interesting inner life. And they are more polite and sure of their values than myself. -- ESFp
C25 Proud to be INFP! -- Anonymous
C26 i believe were all who were ment to be. different. the world needs everyone in the amount they are in. im happy with who i am, even when its hard. proud to be me, idealist. -- ssc
C27 INTj kick ass -- Hannibal Lecter
C28 Would't mind having a go at being mirror for a while, but then I suppose I can almost do that in a way already so.... -- Anonymous
C29 I am a happy owner of my ESFpness (ha! pun intended!) but I would like to spend a couple years as an ESFj to get a bunch of sht done. -- happy p with secret j envy
C30 I find it interesting that C4 said that ENTPs are "good at everything". As an ENTP, I am told that frequently. I think this belief comes from the ability of the inventor to compensate for flaws and use our talents to our advantage. -- Anonymous
C31 I'd rather just be dead and not have any type at all -- ur mum
C32 I'm happy to be an ENFP. However, I've always been attracted to ESFP's because they seem to be liked by everyone. I've also always sought out INFJ's as friends because we are pretty similar. -- ENFP
C33 scratch being an ESFP. i meant being an ENFJ -- ENFP
C34 C17, if that's true, then why do I have such good luck as an INTJ? -- Mike
C35 I really enjoy being an ENFp, I couldn't have it any other way. -- SmokinJoeStalin
C36 I'm an Enfp...I wouldn't change it because I can't imagine being anyone else anyway... and i really like Istps...I am much attracted to them. -- Anonywonymousasaurus
C37 I'm ENF* (maybe J) and I absolutely hate it. I need constant protection from the big bad world and I find socialising extremely difficult as I'm never sure if I say the right thing. I'd love to be ENTP -- Anonymous
C38 You're all insane! I'm an ENTP and picked ENTJ but I wouldn't wish being an ENTP on anybody! While I love it if I could pick what I am for my next life there is NO way I'd go NT, it would be a blissfully blind ST all day any day! -- Anonymous
C39 I'm an ENTJ. I like being me, thank you very much. -- Anonymous
C40 I think that classifying personality into 'types' is quite general and that everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. And the strengths and weaknesses of the types cannot all be considered ours. Maybe most but not all. And people tend to change their preferences based on a situation -> e.g. when you're reading, you're introverting, but when you're talking to someone else, you're extroverting. I mean, according to tests, my personality type is INTJ, but I don't really find it hard to socialise, the way the description often say. Besides, there's also the problem of self-selection. In my opinion, it's all in the mindset. -- Anonymous
C41 I'm an INFJ and I wouldn't change it. A lot of people feel that I'm a unique and inspirational individual. -- Anonymous
C42 I'm ENTP and I think I'm strange ENFP or ENTj would be cool -- Anonymous
C43 i'm am very proud to be an infp.. however if i absolutely had to change, i would only like to strengthen my infp traits. -- Anonymous
C44 effeminacy is bad. Frot and Masculinity are good (for Men). I chose ESTp - my dual. -- Anonymous
C45 I wouldn't change mine, the world needs its few INTP's. Besides, I don't want to give up my intelligence and mentat like abilities of analysis. INTP. -- Kalash
C46 I chose the estp because they're blissfully stupid. -- Anonymous
C47 As an ENTJ female, I chose INTJ. I like the way I see the world, but I sometimes think things might be easier if I were a little bit less of a ball buster. I end up hurting people I really like without meaning to. Sometimes it gets a little lonely. -- Anonymous
C48 I would rather be more extroverted for the reasons stated by C23. Sometimes I would rather be ESFJ because they never seem to have a bad day and everyone always loves them. And sometimes I would rather be an INFJ because they seem to be the most at peace. -- Anonymous
C49 I like being an ENTP and aparently a lot of people want to be one too -- Agape_Ace
C50 I'm happy with the "NF" part of my personality, not so much with the 'I' and the 'P'. I really wish I could be more outgoing, and I seriously need more of a work ethic... I am sadly an extremely shy, lazy, unmotivated person... it sure would be nice to be an ENFJ! (but of course, I'm fine with being an INFP, and I'm sure ENFPs aren't without their flaws, either...) -- Anonymous
C51 I would want to take all the personality types and mash them together, throw out any really bad bits and then try out what i have made. It would have to make me a better person wouldn't it? Yep that's what I would swap being a former INFj but with new understanding now INTp for - an upgrade ! -- Suzzy
C52 i am rather pleased with the way my mind works, i would only improve on my procrastination, and lack of discipline, i am rather happy as an intp. and while intps may be in less relationships.. i would say they are allot more meaningful. -- Anonymous
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