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If you could change your Type, which would you choose?
ENFj - The Actor146916.2 %
ENFp - The Reporter4384.8 %
ENTj - The Pioneer7688.4 %
ENTp - The Inventor6927.6 %
ESFj - The Enthusiast1681.8 %
ESFp - The Ambassador2242.5 %
ESTj - The Director1661.8 %
ESTp - The Conqueror3854.2 %
INFj - The Empath3834.2 %
INFp - The Romantic3353.7 %
INTj - The Analyst6106.7 %
INTp - The Observer3543.9 %
ISFj - The Guardian941.0 %
ISFp - The Peacemaker1421.6 %
ISTj - The Pragmatist941.0 %
ISTp - The Artisan1751.9 %
I wouldn't change it259328.5 %
Total Votes: 9090
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C85 I'm an INTp and chose ENTj. I've gotten more extroverted but could probably still use more extroversion. I know everything is a preference, but I truly believe (and this would vary by culture) that some traits, by and large, work better for people than others. E is definitely one of them in the US. There is some research on correlations between type and psychopathology. I don't know it that well, but I believe that with depression, ISFP's are most vulnerable and ENTJ's least. That makes intuitive sense to me. I think being an introvert is often painful. N can be hard in that you might not fit in, but I suspect S's are more prone due to a narrower range of interests, probably somewhat lower intelligence on average, more difficulty using their imaginations to escape from the "real world" when times get tough, and probably a tendency toward less education. These are all conjectures, so I claim no certainty about this. (The depression thing regarding four-letter types, though, is based on research). If I were to go even more on a limb, I would estimate S's may have lower socioeconomic statuses. If you think about your average housing projects, how many people do you see that seem to be N's? Sure, there are also the starving artist N types, but I'm going with by and large. F's, I assume, are more easily overcome by negative emotions than T, but they may, on the other hand, tend to have better interpersonal relationships. I would like to be more of a J because my P leads to underachievement and a sense of failure. In a productivity-oriented culture like the US, it's J all the way. Procrastination is the bane of my existence. I have often found myself less successful than people less or as intelligent as me because their work efforts are steadier, they are more reliable and more timely, they are more organized or attentive, etc. I also believe the traits may not always be quite as dichotomous as described. I - can be hard to differentiate true preference from social inhibition; if you have many bad social experiences due to inhibition or deficient social skills, you may confuse anxiety with a genuine desire not to socialize, something I have struggled with and found that as I have become more confident I have wanted to socialize more. S/N - I think the dichotomous model pretty much holds here. T/F - this and J/P are the biggest ones. I have encountered many people who would probably be T's not because they are particularly logical, level-headed, etc., but because they are such inconsiderate, non-empathic jerks that these traits outweigh any emotional tendencies. If you take your stereotypical dumb jock (not that all jocks are dumb or jerks), you often have a T personality devoid of logic due largely to lack of intelligence, F being ruled out due to their being jerks. In short, I think people are sometimes T by default. Lack of emotion is more likely to be enough for T than lack of logic is to be for F. I know it's not just logic that T is about, but you get the point. You actually have to have some emotional/feeling characteristics to be an F. J/P - I think P's often just have trouble getting things done and being organized like J's, and sometimes think P's are basically just non-J's. Some P's are plenty anxious about things not getting done and not particularly flexible, adaptable, or spontaneous. Just some thoughts. -- Second-year clinical psychology doctoral student
C86 I love the fact that I'm an INTP, but I would still like to get in the head of an ESTP -- lady phi
C87 I am INTJ, I wish I was happy as an ESFP .-. -- Anonymous
C88 I'n an INFP (INTj according to this site...) and I wouldn't change but IF I had to choose INXJ lol -- Kai
C89 ISFP here. I choose INTJ because I strongly relate to their actions and opinions, but have a hard time being taken seriously or expressing my thoughts as well as they do. -- Anonymous
C90 I like being an infp, so i wouldn't change anything. And personally I think that there is no good or bad type to be. There's advantages and disadvantages to each. -- Anonymous
C91 ENTj, because they probably make the most money. -- Anonymous
C92 ENFPS seem to be able to do anything, or so I've noticed. -- Anonymous
C93 I'm ENFJ man and I extremely like it. I would NEVER change it There were quite bad times as I was a kid but when I grew up everything changed upside down. -- Anonymous
C94 I choose intj due to their Fi and intelligence. I'm an entp and I dislike my need for attention (E) and my inability to make any decision without second guessing myself (P). I have great ideas, but I rarely get anything done in between those two traits. The minute I have someone willing to give me attention, I frequently forget whatever project I was working on. Even if I isolate myself, I procrastinate while trying to make the "best" choice and spend so much time researching it- I miss the opprotunity. It doesn't seem like INTJ's have that issue... -- Entp
C95 I am INTJ. I have no desire to change who or what I am. That would simply fly in the face of the logic upon which my type is based. Improve upon who or what I am...that is an entirely different matter. Everything can be improved upon even if it is only through perception. -- Robert
C96 @C76: I guess our types are 'mirrors' for a reason. Read INTj uncovered profile. Apparently, my type wins the proverbial gold medal in the Weirdo contest. It even says that other INTj's seem weird to the INTj, much less other less-weird types. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
C97 I would only want to change my type for a day, just to see/think/feel what it's like to have whole different way of naturally viewing everything. (The poll never said the change is permanent.) So, just to indulge the question, i chose the ever-seeming optimistic & vibrant ENFp (which is so very different than my normal INTj almost flat-line detached state of being). Otherwise, no, I'm much more content & comfortable just being me -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
C98 I mostly like being INFj, but I do envy the crisp, clear, cold logic of the INTj. And since they're so detached emotionally and seem so much more independent than me, it must be easier to be them. They simply don't seem to care what others think and just go for their dreams. That's so inspiring! So if I would change my type I definitely would choose to be INTj. I really LOVE INTj! Cat -- Anonymous
C99 Why would they have the feature "I wouldn't change it"? Just so you can look all cute and act like a special snowflake? Honestly if people wouldn't want to change it they could just not answer. -- Anonymous
C100 I chose ESFp and am actually am one. I generally don't real graphs and similar things so i didn't know there was that option to choose "wouldn't change." Eh. Anyway. -- Anonny
C101 I'm an INFJ. I always overthink about the possible outcomes. I am anxious about the unforeseen future. I'm stuck in several ongoing Ni/Ti loops. If I could change, I would like to be an ESTP, where I wouldn't likely have to worry about any of the above and instead be out there doing stuff....... -- Anonymous
C102 Well, I'm an INFP. I think I'm living life like a good person. That's really all I'd like to do. I want knowledge but that's not something related to my type. -- Anonymous
C103 I picked ESTp because I wish I dealt with the real world more efficiently and wasn't so orientated towards feeling. -- INFJSparkle
C104 ISFJs. They're the most badass and beautiful and I respect them so much. They have beautiful style and taste and they get things done. They're always prepared. They care about image. I aspire to be like one. -- Neb
C105 ESTp because they make the most out of life and have it easy by default -- Anonymous
C106 i wouldn't change a thing about being a loving ENFj haha! plus the world needs more NFs -- Anonymous
C107 I chose INFJ, but really ENFJ or INFJ works. I'm happy to be an INFP too but some days, I can't cope with the battle in my head as much. My childhood ex-best friend was INFJ, she was really intelligent and eloquent and clearly could see things I couldn't. I kind of wished that I was as cool as her and as insightful as her. At least with the J, I'd be able to get some shit done. xD My aunt is an ENFJ and she is just so pleasant to be around! She gets along with everyone practically. -- INFP
C108 i wouldn't change a thing about being a loving ENFj haha! plus the world needs more NFs -- Anonymous
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