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Which Type do you consider most annoying?
ENFj - The Actor177316.4 %
ENFp - The Reporter6676.2 %
ENTj - The Pioneer4243.9 %
ENTp - The Inventor3333.1 %
ESFj - The Enthusiast135912.6 %
ESFp - The Ambassador8628.0 %
ESTj - The Director138712.8 %
ESTp - The Conqueror8447.8 %
INFj - The Empath3062.8 %
INFp - The Romantic4314.0 %
INTj - The Analyst4684.3 %
INTp - The Observer2632.4 %
ISFj - The Guardian4414.1 %
ISFp - The Peacemaker2252.1 %
ISTj - The Pragmatist7557.0 %
ISTp - The Artisan2832.6 %
Total Votes: 10822
*Please note that this poll result does not in any way reflect the opinion of the "total population" as this website has a certain contingent of visitors*
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C94 I voted ESTJ over ENFJ because the ESTJ is more likely to be in a position of power. The ESFJ is too stupid and naive to cause any real damage. ESTJs are arrogant, superficial, controlling, and subtly manipulative. They will sleep with your boyfriend, and when they see how angry you are, they will try to convince you that you take sex too seriously. They are preoccupied with trivial things like being popular. They are conformist and materialistic. They are so desperate for attention and a cult following. They are backbiting and disloyal. ESFJ = Kelly Ripa. Kelly Ripa is the STUPIDEST, silliest, most obnoxious TV personality ever. Kelly Ripa's personality is like acid in my veins. What a useless, petty, silly, waste of flesh. There are things I do like about the INFP, but they tend to either be too positive or too fatalistic. They are often too saccharine, and it annoys me how they talk about romance all the time. They are irrational, too. I bet a majority of Twilight fans are INFPs. Despite how obnoxious INFPs can be, I tend to fall hard for them for whatever reason. -INTP female -- Anonymous
C95 ISTJ's. Smart but stupid. Domineering. Far too traditional. Uninteresting. Condescending. Pessimistic. Closed-minded. Relies far too much on acceptance from others. Arrogant. I have one for a step-father, sadly, so trust that this is true. Add onto that how racist he is, but I don't believe all ISTJ's are racist. -- INTP
C96 lmao @c32. feelers are fucking annoying. specifically the esfj blabbermouth and the infp depressed emo soul that tries to drag everyone into thier retarded world. STJs could use use a slap every now and then as well. Intuitives are generally more annoying then sensors. Their mostly outcasts, rejects and wierdos who cannot function in normal society. SP ARTISANS are the most likeable and perfect b of the bunch. These statements are facts btw, folks. -- ESTP gangsta
C97 xSTx = STUBBORN! va-INTx -- va-INTx
C98 I clicked ESTj in haste haha. Sorry ESTj people. I still think it's between ESTj and ESFj, but people are so much more than their types anyway. Even though the ESTj type seems totally mean and domineering to me the way it's written, and lists of famous ESTjs mostly consist of people I don't admire, I can only think of one ESTj I've known in life and I didn't dislike her one bit. The one thing I remember about her is that she would always raise her hand and ask what something was if she didn't know, even if it was something everyone else in the class clearly understood. I think that's really humble and I totally admire it, and it's also probably the main reason she was so intelligent! In general, I think I just don't care for XSXj types as much as the others. -- INFp
C99 That's too bad C32, because we lovvve you :3 Actually... C16 described an ex of mine perfectly, and why I dislike ESFPs the most. Everything he did or said was so irrational and without consideration of others at all. I'm pretty sure he ran solely on the pleasure principle(the id). I learned so much from that relationship and am sometimes surprised that I came out of it alive. Conversely, they're really interesting people from a distance, so that's where I keep them. -- intj somewhat terrified of esfps
C100 Only bossy ones top the rank -- Anonymous
C101 @c32 - says the person who is interested enough to take a poll on "THIS DAMN PERSONALITY SHIT" -- Anonymous
C102 I can understand why people would vote for ESTj as the most annoying. However, I disagree. ESTj's (along with all EJ types) can be overbearing and controlling, which is bothersome, but not what I'd call annoying. Then again I am an IJ type, so no surprise there. To me, annoying has a different quality - like a pesky little brother or a fly that keeps landing on your face. And I think ENTp's take the cake for that one. God love 'em, but they are by far the most socially awkward type. It's like watching a train wreck. They don't know when to stop, whether they're being goofy or making fun of people because they think it will entertain others (but it only upsets people) or trying to prove their genius with monologues about obscure topics that no one can really relate to... THAT'S annoying to me, personally. ESTj's may often be overly concerned with imposing their own vision of how to do everything "right," but at least they are trying to help people succeed, even if they don't always have patience for varying approaches. ENTp's, even with the best of intentions, are like spazzy toddlers who run around oblivious to everything but their own tangential thoughts. -- Anonymous
C103 I think ESFJ's are the coolest. -- Anonymous
C104 Surprisingly, I don't consider ESTJ the most annoying type, though many people probably would. I'm good friends with an ESTJ female, and though talkative, outspoken and not in touch with others' feelings, they're quite easy to get to know because of some of these things and it's easy to put their faults aside. Rather than being constantly annoyed by their faults (as a rather sarcastic ENFJ friend of mine, and, well...basically everyone else is prone to do) I find them easy to forgive and I find the ESTJ's contrasting personality to be quite intriguing and sometimes even charming. Again, they're easy to talk to, especially since I'm so shy, and they're good at starting conversation. Need some guidance in filtering out some things they want to say, but not at all hard to be around. The one type I do find most annoying is probably the ESFP, even though I'm good friends with a few. They seem to take a lot of things personally, and just have very particular standards about the way things "should" be. The ones I know seem (sounds crazy, but) unsympathetic somehow. Mostly the female ESFPs. This makes them hard to follow, along with how they're constantly blabbing about the newest things, who said whar and whatever trivial events just happened that they may find amusing, and all the while I'm just not sure what they want me to think of it. Fun to be around sometimes, but hard to please, and even harder to understand. Or maybe it's just me. -- an INFJ female
C105 "Annoying" is of course, a matter of perspective. Some people find arrogance annoying, or "fakeness," emotional manipulation, bossiness, know-it-alls, pushiness, hypersensitivity, empty talk, stuffiness, ignorance, close-mindedness... Personally, most of the words I just listed I find to be heavily applicable to the Beta quadra in general. But then, every type is annoying to somebody, just in different ways. I think if we realize the sheer number of ILI's on the internet, the results become quite understandable. Let's look more closely. In order, the most annoying type is EIE (supervisor), followed by LSE (supervisee). Ranking nearly as high as LSE, is ESE (conflict). But why is LIE the only rational extravert who is not included? Because they are ILI's mirror! However, there are also quite a few LII's and EII's on personality typology websites in general, which explains why Se-ego types (SLE, SEE, and LSI) are the next highest-ranking types. And of course SEI is the least annoying type. I think everyone can agree on that, haha! -- Anonymous
C106 well one thing is for sure, isfp are probably the least annoying. they practically feel guilty for existing and being in your way! -- Anonymous
C107 Why is intj even on this list? We help you help you. Unbelievable. -- wolf
C108 ENFJ are the most anoying for me -- Anonymous
C109 I said infj because the females are always so dainty and perfect. It's clearly forced and an act. And the men are so judgemental and they never stop talking about their ethical views. (This is just my experience) There one an infj guy that I went on ONE date with, and he asked me to stop smoking. HAHAHA Also I can't say enfj because my daughter is one lol -- An intp
C110 ESTJs are by far the most annoying because you can't avoid them. If you're annoyed with a type, say, an introverted one, you can avoid them. But ENTJs impose all their ENTJ shit on you and you can't avoid it. They literally represent everything I dislike about humanity. Having said that, I am usually quite fond of them. I just fucking hate them. -- ENTP
C111 ESTJs are by far the most annoying because you can't avoid them. If you're annoyed with a type, say, an introverted one, you can avoid them. But ENTJs impose all their ENTJ shit on you and you can't avoid it. They literally represent everything I dislike about humanity. Having said that, I am usually quite fond of them. I just fucking hate them. -- ENTP
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